Latihan soal expressions 2 (meeting and greeting 1)

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1. Prabu: “Hello, Ratu. How do you do?”
Ratu: “: Hello Prabu. ____”
Prabu: “Nive to meet you.”
Ratu: “Nice to meet you, too.”
2. Perdana: "Hi, Kadita. How do you do?”
Kadita: “Hello, Prabu. How do you do?”
Prabu: “It’s nice to meet you.”
Kadita: "____."
3. Iwan: “How are you doing, Novi?”
Novi: “____. thank you.”
4. Rina: “Hi, Evi! How are things?”
Evi: “not too bad, thanks. And you?”
Rina: “____.”
5. “How do you do?”
6. Ratu: “How are you?”
Nina: “Fine, thanks.”
The underlined word means ____.
7. Opik: “How are you, Ryan?”
Ryan: “Not too bad, thank you.”
8. Setiawan: “____.”
Djuharie: “Just fine, thanks.”
9. Ratu: “How are you doing, Dita?”
Dita: “____, thank you.”
10. Boy: “I am Setiawan. What’s your name?
Girl: “My name is Irma.”
Boy: “ How do you do, Irma?”
Girl: “____, Setiawan.”