Latihan soal expressions 5 (asking for and giving permission 1)

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1.Tono: “Will you lend me your pen, please?”
Tedi: “____, here it is.”
2.Nani: “Mom, there is a good commedy on the 21 cinema, ____.”
Mother: “Yes, but don’t be late for dinner, please?”
Nani: “Ok, mom. Thank you.”
3.If you wish to leave the classroom during a lesson, you say to your teacher:
4.A girl: “Mother, will you allow me to watch “Dewa Band” at the Center Hall, please?”
Mother: “____ but after you’ve finished your work.”
5.Customer: “Excuse me. Could you show me where the fitting room os?”
Shop assistant: “Sure, it is over there.”
Customer: “____?”
6.Dedi: “Mom, I am invited to Yulia’s birthday party tonight. It is allright?”
Mother: “____, but be home before 12.”
7.Student: “I’ve finished the test. Here you’re, Sir!”
Teacher: “Good, You ____.”
8.Passenger: “Is it allowed to bring a bird on the plane?”
Custom officer: “I am sorry, that is not allowed.
The underlined utterance expresses ____.
9.Anjas: “Dad, may I use your car? I’d like to return Tina;s book.”
dad: “____ but be home before 6 o’clock.”
Anjas: “Thank you, Dad.”
10.A: “Er, excuse me.”
B: “Yes?”
A: ”I wonder if you could lend me your dictionary. I’m doing my homework.”
B: “Oh, sure. Here it is.”
The underlined expression is used to express ____.