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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "bertemu teman lama"

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Pada suatu hari Dimas bertemu dengan Amel yang ternyata merupakan teman lamanya di SD. Mereka pun saling menanyakan kabar, alamat rumah, dan nomor telepon. Berikut ini dialog mereka dalam bahasa Inggris:

Dimas: Hi, Amel! (Hai, Amel!)

Amel: Hi! (still thinking). Wait, are you Dimas? My classmate in elementary school? (Hai! (masih berpikir). Tunggu sebentar, kamu Dimas kan? Teman sekelasku dulu di SD.)

Dimas: Yes, this is me. Long time no see. How's you life? (Ya, aku Dimas. Lama tidak berjumpa. Bagaimana kabarmu?)

Amel: That's great. By the way, where do you live now? (Sangat baik. Ngomong-ngomong, kamu tinggal di mana sekarang?)

Dimas: I live at Sutomo Street No. 105. And you, what is your address? (Aku tinggal di jalan Sutomo no. 105. Kalau kamu, tinggal di mana?)

Amel: I live at 17 Kusuma Jaya Street. (Aku tinggal di jalan Kusuma Jaya No. 17.)

Dimas: What is your phone number, Amel? (Berapa nomor teleponmu, Amel?)

Amel: Sorry, I don't have any phone number. But, my mobile number is 084587378. And what is your mobile number? (Maaf, aku tidak ada nomor telepon rumah. Kalau nomor handphoneku 084587378. Lalu, berapa nomor handphonemu?)

Dimas: Well, my mobile number is 08917775553. (Ya, nomor handphoneku 08917775553.)

Amel: Sorry, I am in hurry because I have class this noon. (Maaf, aku tergesa-gesa karena ada kuliah siang ini.)

Dimas: Nice to see you. I will call you tonight. (Senang bertemu denganmu. Aku akan meneleponmu malam ini.)

Amel: Nice to see you too. (Senang bertemu denganmu juga.)

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Latihan soal conversations

Man: Hot today, isn’t?
Woman: Yes, it is. I wish that it would rain and cool off.
Man: Me too. This is unusual for March. I don’t remember it ever being so hot and dry in March before.
According to the conversation, what kind of weather is usual for March?
Man: How long have you been out of the country?
Woman: Two weeks and it was amazing.
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Ina: No, thanks.
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Woman: No, please sit down.
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Man: The final exam. I’m not fully prepared yet.
Woman: Well, don’t worry too much. You still have three days
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Woman: Well, you still have time to cram things into your brain anyway.
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Woman: Of course. I like designing very much.
Man: OK. It should be simple but impressive. I know you are skillful at it.
Woman: No problem. I will have it done soon.
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Woman: I am glad to help you.
Man: Thanks a lot. You are very kind.
Woman: Don't mention it.
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Bony: ____ Where do you want to go?
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Man: I think one will be enough.
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Woman: You're welcome. I'll be right back with your glass.
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