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Percakapan bahasa Inggris "mengenalkan teman pada ayah"

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Pada suatu hari Nisa sedang menunggu Eko untuk bersama-sama pergi ke bioskop untuk menonton film baru. Pada saat yang sama ayah Nisa datang dan bertanya padanya. Berikut ini dialognya dalam bahasa Inggris:

Father: Good evening, Nisa. Where are you going? (Selamat malam, Nisa. Mau pergi ke mana kamu?)

Nisa: Good evening, Dad. I'm going to the cinema. (Selamat malam, Ayah. Aku akan pergi ke bioskop.)

Father: Alone or with your friends? (Pergi sendiri atau dengan teman-temanmu?)

Nisa: With my friend. Ah there he is. Dad, this is Eko. Eko, this is my Dad. (Dengan temanku. Ah, itu dia. Ayah, kenalkan ini Eko. Eko, kenalkan ini ayahku.)

Eko: Hello, Sir. Nice to meet you. (Halo, Pak. Senang bertemu dengan Anda.)

Father: Nice to meet you too. Please, take her home before ten, will you? (Senang bertemu denganmu juga. Tolong antarkan dia pulang sebelum jam 10 malam, kamu bisa?)

Eko: Sire, I will. (Pasti.) 

Latihan soal conversations

Woman: Would you like me to help you with your project?
Man: Sure. Would you help me design the cover?
Woman: Of course. I like designing very much.
Man: OK. It should be simple but impressive. I know you are skillful at it.
Woman: No problem. I will have it done soon.
Man: I'm lucky to have a friend like you.
Woman: I am glad to help you.
Man: Thanks a lot. You are very kind.
Woman: Don't mention it.
What can we infer from dialogue?
Girl: Excuse me. May I see Mr. Kusuma?
Man: I am so sorry. He has just left this room. What can I do for you?
Girl: Just tell him that I have left my assignment on his desk.
Man: Sure. I will inform him of it.
Girl: Thank you.
Man: You're welcome.

Where does the dialogue probably take place?
Fery: Why are you sleepy in the class?
Ina: Do I look sleepy? I'm not sleepy, but I have painful stomachache.
Fery: ____ accompany you to visit the doctor?
Ina: No, thanks.
X: Do you know that Mr. Ronald was promoted to be the manager of this company last week?
Y: really? I'm glad to hear that. He ____ in this company for four years.
Man: Hi Tina, you look so busy. What are you doing?
Woman: I’m finishing the report on my research.
Man: What research is that?
Woman: I didn’t research about the cause of heart attacks. I did it as my assignment in order to get a scholarship.
Why is the girl busy?
Rony: Would you like to go to camping with us next Saturday?
Rudy: ____ but I have to take care of my father. He has been hospitalized for three days.
Man: Hot today, isn’t?
Woman: Yes, it is. I wish that it would rain and cool off.
Man: Me too. This is unusual for March. I don’t remember it ever being so hot and dry in March before.
According to the conversation, what kind of weather is usual for March?
Man: Did you have a nice flight, ma'am?
Woman: Yes, but a little turbulence.
Man: Let me help you with the bag.
Woman: Thank you. It's very kind of you.
Man: Do you want to take a taxi or the bus?
Woman: A taxi will be OK with me.
Man: But, getting a taxi at this time may be difficult.
Woman: No problem, I'll wait.
What does the man offer to do for the woman?
Woman: What’s wrong mike? You look terrible.
Man: I have a terrible cough. I couldn’t sleep last night.
Woman: You should stop smoking. I’m sure, you’ll feel better soon.
Man: Maybe you’re right, this must be because of smoking.
What are they talking about?
Man: I don’t know what to order. I could drink everything on the menu.
Woman: Why don’t you try guava juice, orange juice or ice tea?
Man: Guava juice sounds good. I’ll take it.
Woman: I think I’ll have a big glass of cola float.
What would the woman do?