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Contoh penggunaan modals pada kalimat giving advice (memberi saran)

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Memberi saran (giving advice) bisa dilakukan dengan menggunakan modals: should, ought to, had better, dan be supposed to. Semua modals dalam hal ini memiliki makna yang sama, yaitu "seharusnya/ sebaiknya".


  1. You should study harder. You have gotten a lot of E's in the last few months. (Kamu seharusnya belajar lebih giat lagi. Kamu sudah mendapat banyak nilai E dalam beberapa bulan terakhir.)
  2. He ought to pick her up every day. She's his mother and she's old. (Dia seharusnya menjemputnya setiap hari. Dia kan ibunya dan dia sudah tua.)
  3. You had better go to airport now. The airplane will take off at 08.30. (Kamu sebaiknya pergi ke bandai.i sekarang. Pesawatnya akan lepas landas pukul 08.30.)
  4. You are supposed to do your homework by yourself, (Kamu seharusnya mengerjakan PR-mu sendiri.)
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Latihan soal modals

I can’t find my bag anywhere. I’m sure I ..... left it in my room.
Why didn’t Charly apply for the job? He ..... gotten it.
He ..... his homework by the time the teacher come to the class.
You ..... T-shirt school. That is prohibited.
A : I wonder why Jenny didn’t answer the doorbell.
B : Well, I suppose she ..... been a sleep.
I have lived in England for two years, I ..... speak English fluently.
If I have problems with my teeth, I think I ..... go to a dentist, not a veterinarian.
A lot of students didn’t pass the English test yesterday. The test ..... difficult.
My brother break a glass in the kitchen, so he ..... clean it or he will be punished.
He went by bus, but he ..... by motorcycle.