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Contoh penggunaan modals pada kalimat expressing lack of necessity (ketidakharusan)

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Untuk mengekspresikan ketidakharusan (expressing lack of necessity), kita bisa menggunakan do not/does not have to dan do not/does not need to.

Contoh kalimat:

  1. My ears are fine. You do not have to shout like that. (Telingaku baik-baik saja. Kamu tidak perlu berteriak seperti itu.)
  2. We don't have to have much money to feel happy. (Kita tidak perlu punya banyak uang untuk bahagia.)
  3. She does not need to write everything on Facebook. It's not her diary. (Dia tidak perlu menuliskan semuanya di Facebook. Itu bukan buku hariannya.)
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Latihan soal modals

I have lived in England for two years, I ..... speak English fluently.
"What should the country do to maintain self-sufficiency in rice?"
"It ..... double its rice production."
Alfred visited some countries in Asia, Europe, and America. He bought luxurious things for his wife and children. He ____ a lot of money.
I ____ open this window! I think it's stuck.
____ you mind telling. Mr. Abe to come here?
“Ted, are you going to Tia’s birthday party tomorrow evening?”
”I don’t think so. I ____ the dentist.”
Pregnant mothers ____ to eat nutritious food to keep the baby healthy.
Dono is playing games ion the computer, but actually he ____ be working on his assignment.
My grandmother ____ use a computer until last month. Since then she's been taking lessons at the library.
My friend is getting married today. She ____ feel very nervous.