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Contoh dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris 4 orang dengan tema visit to Singapore

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Bagaimana contoh dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris 4 orang dengan tema visit to Singapore?

Liburan ke luar negeri memang sangat menyenangkan, termasuk liburan ke Singapura yang sangat dekat dengan Indonesia.

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris 4 orang dengan tema berkunjung ke Singapore (visit to Singapore)

  • Yola : Hey, Evi! Tomi! Vika! Come over here!

(Evi, Tomi, and Vika come to Yola)

  • Evi : What is it, Yola?
  • Vika : Is something a matter, Yola?
  • Yola : Here, I just want to give you all these souvenirs.
  • Evi : Wow, we can have it?
  • Yola : Of course, I bought them for you three.
  • Vika : Wow, thank you, Yola!
  • Evi : Thank you, Yola!
  • Tomi : Thank you, Yola. Huh? I think this is a special souvenir from Singapore. Oh! I remember now! You just came back from Singapore, didn’t you?
  • Yola : Yes, that’s right.
  • Vika : Oh, I remember too. You told us a couple of weeks ago that you planned to go to Singapore.
  • Evi : I almost forgot that too. So, when did you go to Singapore, Yola?
  • Yola : It was on the long weekend last week. I stayed there only for 3 days.
  • Tomi : Wow, how was there?
  • Yola : Singapore was really an amazing country. Actually 3 days was not enough for me to enjoy Singapore.
  • Evi : Alright, tell us about your experience visiting Singapore!
  • Yola : Well, in Singapore I first arrived in Changi International Airport.
  • Vika : Oh…! I’ve just remembered that Changi International Airport is located in Singapore. I have ever read that it is one of the best airports in the world.
  • Yola : That is right, Vika. The service of the airport really pleased us. It was amazing of Singapore… Singapore was also a very clean and safe country. Like you might have ever heard, Singapore has a special law for its cleanness. People who litter in public places will be fined and you need to cost much for the fine. Therefore, public places like streets, sidewalks, parks, were all clean of litters.
  • Tomi : Um.. what about the safe?
  • Yola : Yes. Singapore is also a country with low level of crime. The parents there will have no worries of letting their children alone to go home after school. A woman who is going home after working at night will also feel fine. The strict laws in Singapore really suppress any chance of crime.
  • Tomi : Wow, that is awesome! I wish Indonesia could be like Singapore or even better someday.
  • Evi : Yeah… I wish so.
  • Vika : Eh! Did you come to Universal Studio Singapore, Yola? You are so lucky~!
  • Yola : It was too bad. I and my family went there because my father had some work to do there. But, we unfortunately had no time to go to Universal Studio.
  • Tomi : Oh, that is too bad.
  • Yola : That’s fine. Visiting Singapore is awesome enough for me.
  • Vika : That’s right! I wish I can go there too someday!
  • Evi : Me too!
  • Tomi : Yeah! Me too! I think Singapore is worthy visiting.

Glossaries Percakapan Indonesia Inggris Visit to Singapore

  • What is it? = Ada apa?
  • Is something a matter? = Ada apa? / Ada masalah apa?
  • A couple of weeks = beberapa minggu
  • To plan = berencana
  • (be) located = bertempat, berlokasi
  • To please = menyenangkan, membuat senang
  • To litter = membuang sampah
  • Public places = tempat umum
  • Fine = denda
  • (be) fined = didenda, dikenakan denda
  • To cost much = membayar mahal
  • Strict laws = hukum yang ketat
  • Suppress = menekan
  • Chance of crime = peluang kejahatan
  • Worthy visiting = patut untuk dikunjungi