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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris 3 orang dengan tema visit to Thailand

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Liburan ke luar negeri memang sangat menyenangkan, termasuk liburan ke Thailand, suatu negara Asia Tenggara yang sering dijuluki dengan sebutan Negeri Gajah Putih.

Berikut ini adalah contoh dialog percakapan bahasa Inggris dengan tema berkunjung ke Thailand (visit to Thailand):

  • Ridho : Hey, Ferry, you have come back already from Thailand? Why is so fast?
  • Halim : Yeah, Fer. I thought you would spend about one more week there.
  • Ferry : Yeah… Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, guys. I have school on Monday. My parents didn’t allow me to skip the school for a couple of days. So, we just decided to go home earlier.
  • Halim : Oh, that’s too bad. So, did you have fun?
  • Ferry : Yes, of course. Although 4 days was so short in time for me, but I was quite having fun.
  • Halim : Well, let me hear your stories about that white elephant land. I hope it was a nice place to visit.
  • Ferry : According to my opinion, Thailand can be one of the best places you can visit in Southeast Asia. Thailand has its own beauty over other countries in Southeast Asia. Well… I and my family started our days in Thailand by staying in Bangkok.Percakapan dalam Bahasa Inggris Visit to Thailand
  • Halim : Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, isn’t it?
  • Ferry : That’s right, Halim. And… from Bangkok we departed to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a big city but I felt like I was in a small town. It’s located in the Northern Thailand. We spent our days in Thailand in Chiang Mai.
  • Ridho : What are the best things from Chiang Mai?
  • Ferry : Well… we had all sorts of excitements in Chiang Mai. It was the really fun when I had to ride an elephant.
  • Halim : Ride an elephant? You mean like ride on its back?
  • Ferry : Yeah. You know that I don’t really like big animals but my family forced me to ride the elephant. Although there was a caretaker who helped me to ride the elephant but it was terrifying and exciting at the same time.
  • Ridho : If I were you, I would have really enjoyed the ride.
  • Ferry : And then, by the night, we visit a night safari.
  • Halim : Night safari?
  • Ferry : Night safari is an exciting tour of going around the Chiang Mai Zoo to see the animals by taking a bus at the evening. It was more fun to see the animals at evening than at daylight. Since it was evening, we saw the animals by using the light from the bus and flashlight we bring.
  • Halim : That is cool!
  • Ferry : And then the last place we visit was Mae Ping River Cruise. We had challenging and exciting river cruises there. So, if you have any chance to visit Thailand, just don’t miss it.
  • Ridho : Very well, I’ll note Thailand to be one of the places I will visit in Southeast Asia someday.
  • Halim : Me, too. Thailand sounds fun.

Glossaries Percakapan dalam Bahasa Inggris Visit to Thailand

  • Skip the school = bolos sekolah
  • A couple of days = beberapa hari
  • Earlier = lebih awal
  • Short in time = singkat
  • White elephant land = negeri gajah putih
  • One of the best places = salah satu tempat terbaik
  • Southeast Asia = Asia Tenggara
  • Depart = berangkat
  • It is located = itu berlokasi, bertempat
  • Sorts of excitements = macam-macam hiburan
  • Force = memaksa
  • Terrifying = menakutkan
  • Exciting = menyenangkan
  • At the same time = pada saat yang bersamaan
  • By taking a bus = dengan naik sebuah bus
  • Flashlight = lampu senter
  • Mae Ping River Cruise = Wisata Jelajah Sungai Mae Ping
  • Thailand sounds fun = Thailand kedengarannya menyenangkan.

Latihan soal conversations

Man: Who wrote that exciting spy adventure novel, Topez ?
Woman: That was Lion Yuris.
Man: Didn’t he also write the famous stories about bullfighting in Tempelona, Spain.
Woman: No, that was Ernest Hamingway.
What did Lion Yuris do?
X: Do you know that Mr. Ronald was promoted to be the manager of this company last week?
Y: really? I'm glad to hear that. He ____ in this company for four years.
Anwar: Would you mind making a copy of this book?
Andra: Oh, ____ no part of the book may be copied.
Woman: What do you think of my appearance. Do I look okay?
Man: Well, yes but it will be more elegant if you wear a long black dress.
Woman: Alright.
What is the dialogue about?
Woman: Have you had a job before?
Man: Yes, but in small printing company
Woman: Why do you want to work here?
Man: I want to get a better salary
What is the dialogue about?
Man: Hot today, isn’t?
Woman: Yes, it is. I wish that it would rain and cool off.
Man: Me too. This is unusual for March. I don’t remember it ever being so hot and dry in March before.
According to the conversation, what kind of weather is usual for March?
Man: You look very happy. Is it good news?
Woman: Yeah… Guess what? I passed the SNMPTN.
Man: Oh really? That’s awesome! What faculty?
Woman: Medical faculty of Indonesian University.
Man: Wow! Marvelous. You’re going to study to become a doctor. You’ve deserve it, because you’ve been working hard.
Why was the woman look happy?
Man: Hi Ira, congratulations on your promotion. It’s nice to know that you’ll be the new branch manager of this Bank. When are you going to Samarinda?
Woman: Reyhan, what a good friend you are. Thank you very much for your support and supposed to go to Samarinda before November 15 this year.
Man: Good luck then.
Why did the man congratulate the woman?
Girl: Excuse me. May I see Mr. Kusuma?
Man: I am so sorry. He has just left this room. What can I do for you?
Girl: Just tell him that I have left my assignment on his desk.
Man: Sure. I will inform him of it.
Girl: Thank you.
Man: You're welcome.

What does the girl request the man to do?
Alan: Hi, Jon. Do you fancy playing chess?
Joni: Oh, no thanks, I don't really feel like playing chess. How about going out instead.
Alan: it sounds good. Do you like eating at the Padang Restaurant?
Joni: I really do not like it. How about going to the theatre?
Alan: I love it. There is a new movie.
Joni: Well I really keen on it. Let's go.

"Well I really keen on it. Let's go." What does this sentence mean?