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Contoh dialog bahasa Inggris dengan tema komputer

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Berikut adalah contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris 2 (dua) orang dengan tema seputar komputer.

Dialog 1

A: “Hey, James! How are you? Are you still working at that law firm?” (Hai, James! Apa kabar? Apakah kau masih bekerja di firma hukum itu?)

J: “Hey, Albert! I’m great, thanks. I am actually. What about you? Are you still in that agency?” (Hai, Albert ! Aku baik, terima kasih. Iya aku masih kerja di situ. Bagaimana denganmu ? Apakah kau masih bekerja di agensi itu?)

A: “No, actually. I’ve left that company and I’m planning on starting my own agency. I actually have a question for you regarding that. I know you’ve built your law firm from the start, do you happen to know how much computer I would need to start?” (Tidak sebenarnya. Saya sudah meninggalkan perusahaan itu dan berencana untuk memulai agensi sendiri. Saya sebenarnya memiliki pertanyaan untukmu mengenai itu. Saya tahu Anda telah membangun firma hukum Anda dari awal, apakah Anda tahu berapa banyak komputer yang saya butuhkan untuk memulai?)

J: “Well it depends on how many departments you will have. I suggest you have at least one per department. In my case, we started with only 3 department so there was only 3-4 computers at first. But now that my law firm is bigger, almost every employee have their own computer.” (Itu tergantung pada berapa banyak departemen yang akan Anda miliki. Saya sarankan Anda punya setidaknya satu komputer per departemen. Dalam kasus saya, kami mulai hanya dengan 3 departemen jadi hanya ada 3-4 komputer awalnya. Namun sekarang firma hukum saya sudah lebih besar, hampir setiap karyawan memiliki komputer masing-masing)

A: “Okay, James. Thank you so much. That was really helpful. See you around!” (Baiklah, James. Terima kasih banyak. Itu sangat membantu. Sampai ketemu lagi!“

Dialog 2

B: Hey, Janine! How are you? (Hai, Janine! Apa kabarmu?)

J: I’m great, thanks! How are you, Brenda? (Saya baik, terima kasih. Apa kabarmu, Brenda?)

B: I’m great too. Do you have a minute? I want to ask you something about designs since you’re a graphic illustrator. (Saya baik juga. Apakah Anda punya waktu sebentar? Saya ingin menanyakan Anda sesuatu tentang desain karena Anda ilustrator grafis)

J: Of course. What do you need? (Tentu saja. Apa yang Anda butuhkan?)

B: Well I just want to know what are the basic computer programs I should get for my graphic team. I’ve just opened up a graphic department in my company to deal with social media stuff and I am clueless about it. (Saya hanya ingin tahu apa saja program komputer dasar yang sebaiknya saya punya untuk tim grafis saya. Saya baru membuka departemen grafis di perusahaan saya untuk mengurusi media sosial dan saya tidak tahu apa-apa tentang ini)

J: That’s good to hear! For starters, you would want to have Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. Those two are the basic computer programs for design. (Senang mendengarnya ! Pertama-tama, Anda akan ingin memiliki Adobe Photoshop dan Corel Draw. Kedua hal itu adalah program komputer dasar untuk desain)

B: Okay, noted! Thank you so much for your input, Janine! May I contact you again if I have a problem with these programs? (Baiklah, dicatat. Terima kasih banyak atas masukan Anda, Janine! Bolehkah saya menghubungi Anda lagi jika saya memiliki masalah dengan program-program ini?)

J: Of course. Feel free to email me anytime. (Tentu saya. Silakan kirim surel kepada saya kapanpun)

Dialog 3

A: Chad! May I ask you something? (Chad! Boleh saya tanya sesuatu?)

C: Hey, Alfred. Of course. What’s wrong? (Hai, Alfred. Tentu saja. Ada apa ?)

A: I remembered that you’re in IT so I thought you might know the answer. But my computer at my workplace has been lagging for a while now. I’ve tried refreshing it every time but it still lags. Do you have any idea how to fix my computer? (Saya ingat bahwa Anda orang IT jadi saya pikir mungkin Anda tahu jawabannya. Namun komputer saya di kantor sudah lemot selama beberapa hari ini. Saya sudah coba me-refresh setiap saat namun tetap lemot. Apakah Anda ada ide untuk memperbaiki komputer saya?)

C: Have you tried cleaning all the cache files? (Apakah Anda sudah mencoba membersihkan semua file cache?)

A: I don’t know how to do that actually. How do I delete them? (Saya tidak tahu bagaimana cara melakukannya sebenarnya. Bagaimana saya bisa menghapusnya?)

C: How about I drop by your workplace this evening and do it for you? (Bagaimana jika saya datang ke tempat kerja Anda sore ini dan melakukannya untukmu?)

A: That would be really helpful. Thank you and see you! (Itu akan sangat membantu. Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa!)

C: Alright. See you then. (Baiklah. Sampai nanti)

Semoga bermanfaat 🙂

Latihan soal conversations

Man: Excuse me, is this seat taken?
Woman: No, please sit down.
Man: By the way, what is the announcement about?
Woman: Flight ticket 505 to Denpasar is delayed.
What does the man ask the woman when he sees her?
Woman: What’s wrong mike? You look terrible.
Man: I have a terrible cough. I couldn’t sleep last night.
Woman: You should stop smoking. I’m sure, you’ll feel better soon.
Man: Maybe you’re right, this must be because of smoking.
What are they talking about?
Man: You look very happy. Is it good news?
Woman: Yeah… Guess what? I passed the SNMPTN.
Man: Oh really? That’s awesome! What faculty?
Woman: Medical faculty of Indonesian University.
Man: Wow! Marvelous. You’re going to study to become a doctor. You’ve deserve it, because you’ve been working hard.
Why was the woman look happy?
Woman: What do you think of my appearance. Do I look okay?
Man: Well, yes but it will be more elegant if you wear a long black dress.
Woman: Alright.
What is the dialogue about?
Man: Where should we take a vacation to this year? Let’s decide soon.
Woman: Well, I’d like to go somewhere warm. How about the beach or we could rent a cabin by the lake.
Man: I think going to the lake must be better.
Woman: Ok dear.
What have they decided?
Man: Why you so sad?
Woman: My pet is lost, she has been missing for a whole day.
Man: You mean your kitty.
Woman: Yes.
What makes the woman sad?
Man: Nana wait! I have good news for you.
Woman: What about?
Man: Now, I’m not just an employee but I’m a manager.
Woman: That’s great! I’m happy to hear that you’ve succeeded in your career.
Man: Thank you, wish me luck.
What does the woman express?
Man: Oh my god, this traffic is making me crazy.
Woman: Absolutely! I think there must be an accident.
Man: I think so too. It’s almost seven o’clock. We’ll be late for school.
Woman: We’d better tell our teacher that we’re coming late, because of the traffic. We hope and pray that traffic will be fine soon and we will not miss the first lesson.
Man: Okay, let’s call her.
What is the best solution they have?
Man: I have been working since seven in the morning and now I’m exhausted.
Woman: Why don’t you take rest for a while?
How does the man feel?
Man: Hi Ira, congratulations on your promotion. It’s nice to know that you’ll be the new branch manager of this Bank. When are you going to Samarinda?
Woman: Reyhan, what a good friend you are. Thank you very much for your support and supposed to go to Samarinda before November 15 this year.
Man: Good luck then.
Why did the man congratulate the woman?