28 Contoh kata past...

28 Contoh kata past participle (regular dan irregular)

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Apa saja yang termausk kata past participle bahasa Inggris, berikut ini beberapa contohnya.

Contoh kata past participle

Verb 1 (Bare Infinitive) Verb 3 (Past Participle) Keterangan
Achieve Achieved Regular Verb
Add Added Regular Verb
Admire Admired Regular Verb
Admit Admitted Regular Verb
Adopt Adopted Regular Verb
Advise Advised Regular Verb
Afford Afforded Regular Verb
Bake Baked Regular Verb
Balance Balanced Regular Verb
Ban Banned Regular Verb
Be Been Irregular Verb
Bear Borne Irregular Verb
Beat Beat Irregular Verb
Begin Begun Irregular Verb
Come Come Irregular Verb
Cry Cried Regular Verb
Cut Cut Irregular Verb
Draw Drawn Irregular Verb
Drink Drunk Irregular Verb
Fly Flown Irregular Verb
Hum Hummed Regular Verb
Hunt Hunted Regular Verb
Hurry Hurried Regular Verb
Identify Identified Regular Verb
Ignore Ignored Regular Verb
Mix Mixed Regular Verb
Play Played Regular Verb
See Seen Irregular Verb
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Latihan soal participles

The police have arrested the men ..... in the bank robbery.
We saw the girl ..... the coconut tree.
Being an artist, he always has meeting abroad. The underlined word means …
Four of the ..... prisoners were caught by the police.
After ..... the assignment, I continue helping my mother cooking for dinner.
Who is ..... our coffee?
Transmigration helps people from densely ..... areas to start a new life.
The building seems ..... since the owner left it five years ago.
..... to life imprisonment, the murderer of his family appealed to the higher court of justice.
The girl ..... playing in the yard is my daughter.