28 Contoh kata past...

28 Contoh kata past participle (regular dan irregular)

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Apa saja yang termausk kata past participle bahasa Inggris, berikut ini beberapa contohnya.

Contoh kata past participle

Verb 1 (Bare Infinitive)Verb 3 (Past Participle)Keterangan
AchieveAchievedRegular Verb
AddAddedRegular Verb
AdmireAdmiredRegular Verb
AdmitAdmittedRegular Verb
AdoptAdoptedRegular Verb
AdviseAdvisedRegular Verb
AffordAffordedRegular Verb
BakeBakedRegular Verb
BalanceBalancedRegular Verb
BanBannedRegular Verb
BeBeenIrregular Verb
BearBorneIrregular Verb
BeatBeatIrregular Verb
BeginBegunIrregular Verb
ComeComeIrregular Verb
CryCriedRegular Verb
CutCutIrregular Verb
DrawDrawnIrregular Verb
DrinkDrunkIrregular Verb
FlyFlownIrregular Verb
HumHummedRegular Verb
HuntHuntedRegular Verb
HurryHurriedRegular Verb
IdentifyIdentifiedRegular Verb
IgnoreIgnoredRegular Verb
MixMixedRegular Verb
PlayPlayedRegular Verb
SeeSeenIrregular Verb
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Latihan soal participles

"Who was released from prison in Beijing?"
"Wei Jingsheng ____ political opponent."
You need a driver's license to legally drive a car.
"Whose car is that?"
"You mean the one ____ in front of the bookstore."
X: I just got fired. The company is in crisis, so they have to let go some employees.
Y: Cheer up. Don’t feel so ____. There are plenty of other jobs waiting for you.
There’s been some very ____ news this week. The one that caought my attention the most is United States finally launching his Tomahawk missile to Syria.
Audrey found the story very amusing.
The police have arrested the men ..... in the bank robbery.
Having found the bandits’ hideout, the Sherrif quickly asked his men to surround the place. Meanwhile, ____ that resistance was futile, three bandits came out and surrendered willingly.
Jane is very ____ in Chemistry. She thinks all those silly molecules and flashy reactions are fascinating.
Her majesty the queen, ____ in a big throne, received her guests politely.