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20 Contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris dengan phrase with past participle

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris dengan phrase with past participle?

Participle phrase digunakan pada adjective clause dan adverb clause yang dikurangi. Pada pengurangan adjective clause, participle digunakan menggantikan relative pronoun dan verb. Terdapat dua jenis participles dalam bahasa Inggris, yakni present participle dan past participle. Present participle digunakan pada adjective clause active voice, sedangkan past participle pada passive voice. Di samping itu, artikel ini menjelaskan contoh phrase with past participle.

Present Participle

Present participle adalah bentuk -ing dari kata yang di dalam kalimatnya bisa berfungsi:

  1. Sebagai pembentuk continuous tenses
    They are studying English.
  2. Sebagai noun modifier
    The dancing girl is my friend.
  3. Sebagai clause modifier
    Feeling sick, I didn’t go to school.
  4. Sebagai pengganti salah satu dari dua kata kerja dengan subjek yang sama.
    Leaving the house, she kicked the door.
  5. Sebagai penganti kata kerja yang merupakan akibat dari perbuatan kata kerja yang lain.
    The police shot, wounding the criminal.
  6. Kata kerja yang berhubungan dengan pancaindera.
    The teacher watched the student play/playing.
  7. Objek dari kata kerja.
    We found the boy stealing some money.
  8. Kata kerja go dan come yang diikuti kata kerja tak berobjek dalam bentuk present participle.
    Go swimming.
  9. Kata sifat busy yang diikuti present participle bila diikuti kata kerja.
    They are busy doing their work.

Past Participle

Past participle adalah bentuk III dari kata kerja. Di dalam kalimat, past participle dapat berfungsi:

  1. Sebagai pembentuk perfect tenses dan passive.
    – We have never seen your brother. (present perfect)
    – My car was stolen yesterday. (passive)
  2. Sebagai noun modifier.
    Used motorcycle.
  3. Sebagai clause modifier
    Not allowed by her parents, she didn’t go for a picnic.
  4. Sebagai pengganti kata kerja kedua yang dapat dipasifkan.
    He entered the doctor’s office, accompanied by his daughter.
  5. Jika suatu subjek melakukan dua perbuatan yang menggunakan present perfect tense atau past perfect tense, kata kerja kedua cukup menggunakan past participle.
    After she had finished the test and given the paper to the teacher, she left the classroom.
  6. Kata kerja causative
    I will get my wall painted blue.


Contoh Phrase with Past Participle

Contoh phrase with past participle dalam contoh kalimat bahasa Inggris sederhana antara lain:

  1. The boy wanted by the police hid among the crowd.
  2. The man invited by mother is Aris.
  3. Surprised by the gift, my mother was speechless.
  4. Lost many years ago, that coin has never been found.
  5. The museum, destroyed by a fire, was never rebuilt.
  6. Ara nervously watched the woman, alarmed by her silence.
  7. We ate the peeled apple.
  8. The cracked doors have been fixed.
  9. The broken door was expensive to repair.
  10. That lost coin was never found.
  11. We must raise funds to replace the window broken last week in the storm.
  12. The windows were broken on Friday.
  13. The window was cracked by vandals.
  14. The tired animal walked slowly across the highway.
  15. Having been studied, the lesson looked simple.
  16. The proposed law, opposed by the majority of the people, didn’t pass.
  17. The married couple have jobs.
  18. The esteemed poet, honored by the award, expressed her thanks.
  19. Eli likes his eggs smothered in cheese sauce.
  20. Mira was sad to see her fallen apple tree after the storm hit.