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25 contoh penggunaan modals dalam kalimat rekomendasi

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Bagaimana contoh penggunaan modals dalam kalimat rekomendasi?

Penggunaan modals yang ditujukan untuk memberi rekomendasi dapat menggunakan kata must dan should. Rumus modals on recommendation adalah penggunaan kata must dalam kalimat simple present dan present perfect.

Simple Present

Rumus kalimat positif:
S + must + Verb I + O
S + should + Verb I + O

Kata must dalam modals of recommendation akan memiliki makna berbeda dalam bentuk negatif sehingga hanya dapat digunakan secara efektif dalam bentuk positif. Must dalam bentuk kalimat positif memiliki arti memberi rekomendasi sementara must not menunjukkan larangan.

Contoh Kalimat Modals on Recommendation dalam bentuk Simple Present

  1. You must see this new comic.
  2. You must watch Korean Dramas in SBS.
  3. You must eat healthier food.
  4. You must add Avocado on your diet program.
  5. You must check the schedule on the website.
  6. You must get the receipt.
  7. You must visit grandma this year.
  8. You must boil this egg for 10 minutes.
  9. You must go to the beach.
  10. You must sleep for 8 hours every night.
  11. You should ready for an upcoming event.
  12. We should try this pancake receipt.
  13. They should admit about his potential.
  14. I should come home earlier to serve dinner.
  15. I should get a new skirt for an interview. 

Present Perfect

Rumus kalimat positif :
S + should have + Verb III + O
S + must have + Verb III + O

Contoh kalimat Modals on Recommendation dalam bentuk Present Perfect

  1. They should have worked harder yesterday so they can take a break today.
  2. You should have written all agenda in a post it before you lost it.
  3. I didn’t know you two getting married, I should have bought a present.
  4. You should have slept well last night to get a fresh mind this morning.
  5. You should have a diet for the last 6 months to look perfect for your wedding.
  6. I should have visited him last year if I know he will be gone forever.
  7. I should have applied insurance to cover hospital bills.
  8. My parents should have left at 6 AM so they didn’t come late.
  9. I should have brought my pillow neck.
  10. We should have eaten porridge for breakfast.