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Contoh penggunaan modals pada kalimat expressing certainty (kepastian)

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Untuk menyatakan kepastian dan keyakinan, modals yang bisa digunakan adalah must, have/has to, dan have/has got to.

Dalam hal ini, semua modals mempunyai makna "pasti".

  1. I saw that thief run off to that bush over there. He has to be in there. (Aku melihat pencuri itu berlari ke semak-semak sana. Dia pasti ada di sana.)
  2. She's accepted in one of the most prestigious universities in the state. She must feel very happy now. (Dia diterima di salah satu universitas ternama di negara ini. Dia pasti merasa sangat bahagia.)
  3. He has been living there since he was a kid. He's got to know that Marco. (Dia sudah tinggal di sana sejak dia kecil. Dia pasti tahu Marco.)

Latihan soal modals

I have lived in England for two years, I ..... speak English fluently.
If I have problems with my teeth, I think I ..... go to a dentist, not a veterinarian.
I can’t find my bag anywhere. I’m sure I ..... left it in my room.
He went by bus, but he ..... by motorcycle.
He ..... his homework by the time the teacher come to the class.
You ..... T-shirt school. That is prohibited.
A lot of students didn’t pass the English test yesterday. The test ..... difficult.
Why didn’t Charly apply for the job? He ..... gotten it.
My brother break a glass in the kitchen, so he ..... clean it or he will be punished.
A : I wonder why Jenny didn’t answer the doorbell.
B : Well, I suppose she ..... been a sleep.