16 contoh phrasal v...

16 contoh phrasal verb menggunakan kata 'take...'

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Bagaimana contoh phrasal verb menggunakan kata 'take...'?

Berikut beberapa contoh phrasal verb menggunakan kata 'take...' dan contoh penggunaannya dalam kalimat.


  1. Take (something) apart - membongkar, melepaskan. Contoh: The mechanic took the engine apart.  He's trying to fix it now.
  2. Take (something) back - mengembalikan. Contoh: She took the dress back to the dress maker. He gave her the wrong one.
  3. Take (something) back - mengambil kembali sesuatu yang sudah diberikan pada orang lain, atau membatalkan sesuatu yang sudah kamu katakan. Contoh: "Let me take this back. I'll give it back to you tomorrow". "I take it back. He's not that good."
  4. Take (something) down - menurunkan. Contoh: She took her shorts down so that the nurse could give her an injection.
  5. Take (something) down - membongkar, melepaskan, sama dgn take apart. Contoh: He took down his tent and went home.
  6. Take (someone) down - membuat orang jadi tidak percaya diri. Contoh: The long fight has taken his wife down considerably.
  7. Take in - mengecilkan ukuran. Contoh: Now that I've lost weight, I'm planning to have all of my dresses taken in.
  8. Take (someone) in - memberi tempat tinggal, menerima tamu. Contoh: He took his nephew in while he was in town.
  9. Take (something) in - menikmati pemandangan. Contoh: We took in the sights in the morning. The view was just remarkable.
  10. Take off - pesawat yang lepas landas. Contoh: The plane will take of in an hour.
  11. Take (something) off - melepaskan sesuatu. Contoh: Please take your shoes off. I've just mopped the floor.
  12. Take on - menanggung, menerima. Contoh: He will be promoted. He will take on a lot of new responsibilities.
  13. Take on - melawan. Contoh: Look at my muscles! I think I can take on Mike Tyson.
  14. Take (someone) out - mengajak seseorang pergi kencan. Contoh: He took her out to a fancy restaurant.
  15. Take (something) out - mengeluarkan sesuatu, memisahkan sesuatu. Contoh: She takes out the trash every night.
  16. Take over - mengendalikan/menguasai sesuatu. Contoh: He will take over the company once he's graduated.