21 contoh phrasal verb menggunakan kata 'give...'

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Bagaimana contoh phrasal verb menggunakan kata 'give...'?

Berikut beberapa contoh phrasal verb menggunakan kata 'give...' beserta contoh penggunaannya dalam kalimat.


  1. Give away - memberikan sesuatu sebagai hadiah (cuma-cuma).
    The shop is giving away a sample pack to every customer.
  2. Give away - menguak rahasia yang hanya diketahui beberapa orang, membocorkan rahasia.
    The party was meant to be a surprise, but she gave it away.
  3. Give back - mengembalikan.
    You've borrowed my car for a whole month now.
    When are you going to give it back?
  4. Give in - menyerahkan, mengumpulkan.
    She's the first to give in her report.
  5. Give in - menyerah, mengalah.
    His mother finally gave in and let him stay up to watch TV.
  6. Give in - jatuh/rubuh.
    The roof gave in under the weight of the snow.
  7. Give of - berkontribusi, mengerahkan (tenaga/waktu/usaha).
    They give of themselves to improve awareness to global warming.
  8. Give off - mengeluarkan asap/cairan.
    The police stopped the truck because it was giving off a lot of black smoke.
  9. Give off - bersikap dan membentuk suatu citra diri.
    She gives off an air of nobility.
  10. Give out - mengumumkan, menyatakan kepada publik.
    I hate to be the one giving out the bad news, but someone ought to do it.
  11. Give out - menyebarkan, membagikan.
    I saw her giving out leaflets in front of the train station yesterday.
  12. Give out - rusak karena terlalu lama digunakan.
    I'd been having trouble with my laptop and it finally gave out at the weekend.
  13. Give out - mengeluarkan asap/suara.
    The factory gives out a lot of fumes
    give out. The washer gave out a steady buzzing.
  14. Give out - habis.
    Her patience finally gave out after being abused for so long.
  15. Give over - berhenti, menghentikan keributan atau sesuatu yang menyebalkan.
    They were making a lot of noise so I told them to give over.
  16. Give over - menyerahkan, mempercayakan sesuatu.
    I've given all my projects over to the new manager before I moved out.
  17. Give up - menyerah.
    The suspects gave themselves up to the police.
    Don't give up! You'll fine a way to solve it.
  18. Give up - menghentikan kebiasaan.
    I gave up smoking a long time ago.
    I gave up taking sugar in tea and coffee to lose weight.
  19. Give up - berhenti, menghentikan kegiatan.
    I have given up trying to help them. I don't think all those work will pay off.
  20. Give up - mengorbankan sesuatu, mengerahkan usaha/waktu/tenaga.
    I gave up all my free time to the project.
  21. Give up - merelakan, memberikan pada orang lain.
    I gave up my seat to a pregnant woman.
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