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11 contoh perubahan adjective dan noun menjadi verb

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Bagaimana cara merubah adjective dan noun menjadi verb?

Cara merubah kata sifat (adjective) dan kata benda (noun) menjadi kata kerja (verb) adalah dengan menambahkan akhiran. Diantara akhiran yang biasa digunakan adalah -ate, -en, -ify, -ise.

Berikut ini beberapa contohnya:

1. standard --> standardise
standar ==> melakukan standarisasi

2. pollen --> pollinate
serbuk sari ==> melakukan penyerbukan

3. note --> notify
catatan ==> memberitahukan

4. apology --> apologise
permintaan maaf ==> meminta maaf

5. solid --> solidify
kokoh ==> memperkokoh

6. drama --> dramatise
sandiwara ==> menyandiwarakan

7. dead --> deaden
padam ==> memadamkan

8. pure --> purify
murni ==> memurnikan

9. length --> lengthen
panjang ==> memperpanjang

10. medicine --> medicate
obat ==> mengobati

11. elastic --> elasticate
elastis ==> membuat menjadi elastis

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Latihan soal adjectives

He run the company very ____
The service was ____
It is important to write a ____ cover letter for a job resume.
I want to know how to do ____ on exams.
I want to be a ____ grammarian.
They all can speak English ____
You plants will grow ____ in spring and fall.
I think they are ____ mechanical engineers.
How do you write so ____ ?
She looked really ____ without make up.


Latihan soal nouns

I love to visit both public and academic ____
Stamped kitchen ____ are usually cheaper than forged kitchen ____
He told me how to raise money for charity.
Have you ever been to the ____ ?
____ and flowers may brighten up your living room.
My father and I love to watch this evening news.
There were two dead ____ in my soup!
Rinaevi has ____.
The fear of vulnerability can be described as a fear of showing your authentic self.
How did you learn to drive an automobile in a month?