12 Contoh kalimat menggunakan question tag "do, does"

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Bagaimana contoh kalimat menggunakan question tag "do, does"?

Pada materi question tag sebelumnya, telah dijelaskan bagaimana membuat question tag yang menggunakan is, am, are (simple present tense dalam bentuk nominal sentence).

Berikut ini contoh-contoh question tag yang menggunakan do/does:

  1. She goes to the market every Sunday, doesn’t she?
  2. He watches TV every night, doesn’t he?
  3. John plays soccer twice in a month, doesn’t he?
  4. She doesn’t go to the market every Sunday, does she?
  5. He doesn’t watch TV every night, does he?
  6. John doesn’t play soccer twice in a month, does he?
  7. They study English on Monday, don’t they?
  8. The boys eat pizza every night, don’t they?
  9. You bring the cake, don’t you?
  10. They don’t study English on Monday, do they?
  11. The boys don’t eat pizza every night, do they?
  12. You don’t bring the cake, do you?
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