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Latihan soal adjective clauses 9  

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1. The university ____ I earned my Bachelor's degree has built a new bussiness school building.
2. I'd like to teach the children ____ were with us last weekend about forgiveness.
3. Someone sent her a letter, ____ made her smile all day long.
4. The little girl ____ is running down the hill is my neighbor's daughter.
5. The homeless was sleeping on the sidewalk, ____ was dirty and smell very bad.
6. Today is the day ____ most people in Indonesia get the day off.
7. The Bogor Palace, ____ was rebuilt in 1856, is one of Indonesia's Presidential Palaces.
8. The movie ____ they watched was very interesting.
9. The student, ____ IQ is higher that Albert Einstein, loves to learn foreign languages.
10. It was my classmate ____ hit the tennis ball over the net.