Latihan soal adjective clauses 8

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1. Some of my friends ____ were absent yesterday have no idea that we are going to have a Biology test today.
2. When I studied in Taiwan, I lived in a dormitory ____ residents come from many countries.
3. A lot of people come to the beach to swim in summer. It’s the season ____ the weather is the hottest.
4. This newspaper article is about a man ____ a stranded orca whale in the beach of California.
5. The Mississippi River ____ south from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico is one of the biggest commercial ivers in the United States.
6. Mr. Jack ____ won the speech contest in my school cannot stop talking about how proud he is. The whole neighborhood is getting tired of him.
7. Last night the orchestra played three symphonies, ____ Beethoven’s Seventh.
8. The man ____ looked like the late vocalist of Queen, Freddy Mercury. I wonder if he can sing like him too.
9. The experiment ____ was successful. The results will be published soon in Journal of Science.
10. The fence ____ Jason’s house is made of wood. He helped his father build it two months ago.


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