Latihan soal adjective clauses 7

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1. I like the dress ____ Anna is wearing. It makes her look like a real princess.
2. X: Are you sure this is the place ____ Mulan often hangs out?
Y: Yes, we come here quite a lot.
3. Neil Armstrong is popular because he was the astronaut ____ walked on the moon’s surface for the first time.
4. On chair ____ belonged tomy late grandmother. She used to sit on it every afternoon while drinking her favorite tea.
5. X: Do you know who they are?
Y: I think so. If I’m not mistaken, they’re the couple ____
6. August is the month ____ their hometown to celebrate a festival called Obon.
7. Peter has read the fantasy book ____ He said that it was terrific. There were so many things unpredictable in the plots.
8. Lightning may look deadly to most of us, but in actuality two out of three people ____ by lightning survive.
9. My company just hired ten new employees, ____ At first, they looked a bit nervous but thankfully, they adapted to our fast working environtment quickly.
10. My roommate couldn’t stop talking about his first experience riding the roller coaster, ____ made it difficult for me to focus on my study.


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