Latihan soal passive voices 9

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1. "Have you been informed about the exact number of victims of the airplane crash?"
Yes, ____ to the headquarters of Elang Airlines."
2. The hotel is suffering a great loss."
"Yes, only ten perfect of their rooms ____
3. "Why aren't you driving your own car?"
"It ____"
4. "Why can't I find the file on the annual report in the computer?"
"Because it ____ in the hard disk."
5. "There was no longer a rule for the youth to enter millitary service in Britain."
"Really, when ____?"
6. They had just been living in that house for two years when ____ by fire.
7. "Bambang looks very happy today."
"Don't you know he ____ to General Manager."
8. "Why does the baby next door keep crying?"
"As usual, it ____ by the babysitter."
9. Why are the students staying outside?
Their classroom ____
10. The play I am reading ____


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