Latihan soal active and passive voices 10

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Make the subordinate clauses passive.


  • I want someone to love me.
  • It seems that someone cleaned the office on Tuesday.


  • I want to be loved.
  • It seems that the office was cleaned on Tuesday.

*Pastikan Anda juga memasukkan tanda baca pada kalimat.

1. Amy thinks that someone is reading to her son.

2. I don’t like people seeing me in my pajamas.

3. My little niece loves people chasing her.

4. I understand that someone hit Greg.

5. Is it the case that someone sent the report on time?

6. We avoided people seeing us.

7. I think that someone built the house in 1814.

8. I understand that someone fired John.

9. I like someone looking after me when I’m ill.

10. She hates people laughing at her.


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