Latihan soal verbs 5 (irregular verbs 5)

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Fill in the correct form of the irregular verb – All Tenses


What ____ of your new boyfriend? (you think)


do you think

1. How often the grass this summer? (you, cut)

2. Frank the whole pizza before we arrived. (eat)

3. They her and trusted her for years. (know)

4. Mrs. Johnson a deep breath and then opened the door. (take)

5. The girl her mother to New York the day before yesterday. (drive)

6. I think my nephew six centimeters since last summer. (grow)

7. The Titanic in less than six hours. (sink)

8. Hurry up! The symphony (already, begin)

9. George off the ladder yesterday. (fall)

10. It was the biggest building they . (ever, build)


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