Latihan soal verbs 1 (irregular verbs 1)  

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Pilihlah verb-1 (simple present), verb-2 (past tense), atau verb-3 (past participle) yang cocok untuk mengisi bagian yang kosong dengan mengikuti petunjuk di dalam kurung.

1. In 1980 He ____ (become) an American citizen.
2. It was Gina who ____ (blow up) all the balloons.
3. My first car was good, but its insurance ____ (cost) so much.
4. I didn't call you last night because I ____ (know) you were busy.
5. She had ____ (leave) when I came.
6. You ____ (mow) your lawn this morning, didn't you?
7. I think I ____ (overbuy) fruits. Do you want some apples?
8. I ____ (see) you walking down the hill yesterday morning.
9. A decision has been ____ (take) by the patient.
10. Who ____ (wake up) in the morning at 4 o'clock?