Contoh latihan soal TOEFL "prepositional verbs" (part 5)  


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Sebelum Anda mengerjakan soal part 5 ini, sebaiknya Anda kerjakan terlebih dahulu soal part 4.

Put the correct prepositions: "from", "in", "for", or "with".

  1. The boxer must comply ..... the rules.
  2. I received this letter ..... the postman this morning.
  3. The driver is pleased ..... th new turbo engine.
  4. The new county sheriff is occupied ..... lots of jobs.
  5. We have some share ..... the new project.
  6. Since I was young, I have always been interested ..... linguistic.
  7. We were waiting ..... the rain to stop.
  8. I indulge myself ..... smoking.
  9. The visitor was disgusted ..... the drunken man's attitude.
  10. The convict never thought that he could escape ..... prison.
  11. I have been dismissed ..... the job.
  12. The teacher couldn't cope ..... the students anymore.
  13. Jane drew the money ..... the bank by herself.
  14. We should thank ..... this great opportunity.
  15. There are two major parties in United States of America you can vote .....: The Republican and The Democrats.


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