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Soal-soal noun clause (exercise 1)

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Change the following sentences into noun clauses by attaching them to the words as indicated below them. Number one has been done for you.
(Ubahlah kalimat berikut ke dalam bentuk klausa nomina dengan cara merangkaikannya pada kata-kata seperti yang tertera ada di bawahnya. Nomor 1 dijadikan contoh.)

  1. A lot of tourists want to see the mountain.
    I expect that a lot of tourists want to see the mountain.
  2. Bandung is Paris Van Java.
    I know _____
  3. There are a number of other active volcanoes in Indonesia.
    I believe _____
  4. Borobudur is the biggest temple in Java.
    I think _____
  5. Jakarta is the busiest city in Indonesia.
    I assume _____
  6. You enjoy the meal.
    I hope _____
  7. Kuningan is famous for wajit and gemlong.
    I suppose _____
  8. Ratu is a very clever girl.
    I hear _____
  9. Ciremai is the biggest mountain in West Java.
    I understand _____
  10. Mr. Setiawan has written more than sixty books.
    I know _____