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Soal-soal kompetensi subject-verb agreement (exercise 5)

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Underline the subject and the predicate. Put a check (√) besides correct sentences and an X besides incorrect sentences.

  1. Each fruit and vegetable were organically grown.[ ]
  2. Everyone have to arrive at 7:00 in the morning.[ ]
  3. It was the children who broke the windows.[ ]
  4. Everything in the house is for sale.[ ]
  5. Every student want to pass the University Entrance Test.[ ]
  6. There has never been so many joggers in the race.[ ]
  7. A box of books as well as a large suitcase are under the bed.[ ]
  8. The president together with his ministers has left for Bandung.[ ]
  9. Here is the music as well as the words to the song.[ ]
  10. Everyone in the two classes speak English very well.[ ]
  11. That pair of Dior sunglasses must have cost a lot of money.[ ]
  12. When the bell rang, a few were still working on the test.[ ]
  13. The screwdriver along with the pliers were left out in the rain.[ ]
  14. Several of the fish appears to be dying.[ ]
  15. The scissors is in the bottom drawer.[ ]
  16. German measles cause red spots on the chest and arms.[ ]
  17. News of the riot has not yet reached the authority.[ ]
  18. Politics usually attract ambitious individuals.[ ]
  19. There were extra copies of The New York Times in all offices.[ ]
  20. Two weeks are ample time for a camping trip to the state park. [ ]
  21. According to the champion, one hundred pounds are easy to lift. [ ]
  22. Two thousand dollars is a lot for him to pay for tuition.[ ]
  23. Both mathematics and physics are interesting.[ ]
  24. Jaws, a movie about sharks, was seen by a record number of people. [ ]
  25. Mumps cause inflammation and swelling of the glands.[ ]
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nemo kurnia
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