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Soal-soal elliptical construction (exercise 1)

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Make elliptical construction from the following sentences.
(Buatlah bentuk elip dari kalimat di bawah ini.)

  1. The boy did the test very well, and David ____.
  2. He shouldn’t try to repair the printer himself, and ____you.
  3. This car cost 120 million rupiahs, and _____ his car over there.
  4. Inem doesn’t like working hard and Inah ____.
  5. His car needs repairing, and ____ mine.
  6. Nottingham Forest team have lost three matches, and Leichester City team ____.
  7. Indonesia is struggling to recover from economic crisis, and ____ some other Asian countries.
  8. Those trousers are not too expensive, and ____ these ones.
  9. She has a large collection of rare stamps, and ____ on of my brothers.
  10. The enemy soldiers fired continuously at us, and ____ their tanks.
  11. He had enough money to buy the vest, and his twin brother ____.
  12. They were in such a hurry that they had to skip lunch, and ____ we.
  13. The first plan doesn’t work, and the other back up plans ____.
  14. The detective has searched everywhere for the missing boy, and ____ the police.
  15. The new BMW can’t run too fast, and his Mercedes ____.
  16. Those people are looking for a cheap hotel, and we ____.
  17. Sheilla hasn’t finished her diner, and ____ her children.
  18. I saw the thief tiying to break into Mr. Brown’s house, but he ____.
  19. Christ doesn’t really like rock music, but his brothers ____.
  20. She won’t buy such an outdated skirt, but Jenny ____.
  21. She never loves me, and her family ____.
  22. I can hardly remember you name, and she ____.
  23. You seldom come here, and ____ I.
  24. I barely know what you meant, and my brother ____.
  25. She rarely has time to go out on Sunday evening, and I ____.
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alista notarina
Posts: 650
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