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Latihan soal bahasa Inggris menentukan penggunaan its dan it's

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Pilihlah jawaban yang benar untuk mengisi bagian yang kosong pada soal berikut ini.

1.Jovi said, "____ your turn to jump into the sea."
2.The country is trying to develop ____ tourism and manufacturing sectors.
3.Do you think ____ important to learn a foreign language?
4.____ design was later copied.
5.He wanted to know if the mixture could be separated into ____ components by physical means.
6.____ never to late too change your mind.
7.Every rhino has ____ horn removed to protect it from poachers.
8.You will find that ____ good for us.
9.I think ____ going to rain cats and dogs.
10.Why does a cat chase ____ tail?
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