Latihan soal tenses 13

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1. "Could you please book me on the next flight to Mexico City?"
"I'm sorry, sir. Our airline ____ to Mexico City."
2. "He has to take a TOEFL test before leaving for the U.S."
"No, ____ have to; he already took it a few months ago."
3. I think you had better tell her the truth before somebody else ____
4. "Do I hear something?"
"Yes, somebody ____ at the door!"
5. "May I borrow your magazine?"
"I'm sorry, my sister ____ it."
6. "Have the boys had their breakfast?"
"Not yet, they ____"
7. "Which paintings will be exhibited tomorrow?"
"We don't know yet; they ____ by a team."
8. "Have you delivered the package to the customers?"
"Not yet, some ____"
9. Dika: Can I borrow your laptop?
Ditya: Certainly, but what's wrong with yours?
Dika: It ____ now.
10. "You look so unhappy, Anton. What's the matter?"
"My father ____ his job."


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