Latihan soal tenses 14

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1. "How long has he been the principal of our school?"
"Since I ____ this school."
2. We went to the movie last night and I thought ____
3. Last week Rini ____ a holiday, she didn't go for a picnic, she went camping.
4. "So you have finished typing those letters! When did you do it?"
"When you ____ the meeting."
5. I didn't hear the thunder during the storm last night because I ____ soundly.
6. "Did you see the children when you came home this afternoon?"
"No, they ____ their teacher in Priok"
7. "I wonder why Agus is absent. He might be sick."
"He isn't. I saw him when I ____ for the bus."
8. Nukmi: What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night?
Rendra: She ____ in the kitchen.
9. The engine ____ smoothly when it suddenly stopped.
10. "When did the farmer find that ancient tool?"
"When he ____ his field."


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