50 contoh soal pilihan ganda present continuous tense lengkap dengan jawabannya

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Berikut ini 50 contoh soal pilihan ganda present continuous tense disertai dengan kunci jawabannya.

  1. We usually ____________ TV in the evening, but tonight we ____________ to a concert.
    a. watch / go
    b. watching / going
    c. watch / are going
    d. are watching / go
    Jawaban: c. watch / are going
  2. Why ____________ you ____________ so late last night?
    a. do / work
    b. are / working
    c. did / work
    d. does / working
    Jawaban: c. did / work
  3. I ____________ my keys everywhere, but I still ____________ them.
    a. look / not find
    b. am looking / don't find
    c. looking / don't find
    d. looks / not finding
    Jawaban: b. am looking / don't find
  4. He usually ____________ to the gym after work, but today he ____________ at home.
    a. goes / is relaxing
    b. go / relax
    c. goes / relaxes
    d. go / is relaxing
    Jawaban: a. goes / is relaxing
  5. What ____________ you ____________ in the garden yesterday?
    a. do / plant
    b. are / planting
    c. did / plant
    d. does / planting
    Jawaban: c. did / plant
  6. She ____________ her homework when her friend ____________ her.
    a. is doing / is calling
    b. does / call
    c. doing / calls
    d. does / is calling
    Jawaban: a. is doing / is calling
  7. Look at those clouds! It ____________ like it ____________ soon.
    a. looks / will rain
    b. look / rains
    c. looking / will rain
    d. looks / rains
    Jawaban: a. looks / will rain
  8. The baby ____________ in his crib right now.
    a. sleeps
    b. is sleeping
    c. sleep
    d. sleeping
    Jawaban: b. is sleeping
  9. He ____________ to the store every day, but today he ____________ at home.
    a. goes / stays
    b. go / stay
    c. goes / is staying
    d. go / is staying
    Jawaban: a. goes / stays
  10. What ____________ you ____________ when the earthquake ____________?
    a. do / do / happens
    b. are / doing / happens
    c. did / do / happened
    d. does / do / happened
    Jawaban: b. are / doing / happens
  11. They usually ____________ to school by bus, but today they ____________ by car.
    a. go / go
    b. goes / goes
    c. go / are going
    d. goes / are going
    Jawaban: c. go / are going
  12. While I ____________ on the phone, my cat ____________ my dinner.
    a. talk / eats
    b. am talking / eats
    c. am talking / is eating
    d. talking / is eating
    Jawaban: c. am talking / is eating
  13. The children ____________ quietly. Please don't disturb them.
    a. play
    b. playing
    c. plays
    d. are playing
    Jawaban: d. are playing
  14. He ____________ his car at the moment.
    a. repairs
    b. is repairing
    c. repair
    d. repairing
    Jawaban: b. is repairing
  15. Every morning, she ____________ up early and ____________ yoga.
    a. wakes / does
    b. waking / doing
    c. wake / do
    d. wakes / is doing
    Jawaban: a. wakes / does
  16. We usually ____________ our lunch at 12:30, but today we ____________ until 1:00.
    a. eat / wait
    b. are eating / wait
    c. eat / are waiting
    d. eating / are waiting
    Jawaban: c. eat / are waiting
  17. I ____________ the book that you ____________.
    a. am reading / recommended
    b. read / recommend
    c. am reading / recommend
    d. read / recommended
    Jawaban: a. am reading / recommended
  18. The sun ____________ in the east.
    a. rises
    b. is rising
    c. rise
    d. rising
    Jawaban: a. rises
  19. They ____________ the new movie tonight.
    a. are watching
    b. watch
    c. watching
    d. is watching
    Jawaban: a. are watching
  20. While she ____________ for the bus, it ____________ to rain.
    a. waits / starts
    b. is waiting / starts
    c. wait / is starting
    d. waits / is starting
    Jawaban: b. is waiting / starts
  21. I ____________ my keys. Can you help me find them?
    a. lost
    b. lose
    c. am losing
    d. loses
    Jawaban: a. lost
  22. My parents ____________ for a walk in the park every Sunday.
    a. go
    b. goes
    c. are going
    d. going
    Jawaban: a. go
  23. She ____________ her homework right now.
    a. finishes
    b. finish
    c. is finishing
    d. finishing
    Jawaban: c. is finishing
  24. He usually ____________ his guitar in the evenings, but tonight he ____________ TV.
    a. plays / watches
    b. playing / is watching
    c. plays / is watching
    d. play / watches
    Jawaban: a. plays / watches
  25. The train ____________ at platform 3.
    a. arrives
    b. is arriving
    c. arrive
    d. arriving
    Jawaban: a. arrives
  26. What ____________ you ____________ when the power went out?
    a. do / do
    b. are / doing
    c. did / do
    d. does / doing
    Jawaban: c. did / do
  27. My sister ____________ her room right now.
    a. cleans
    b. is cleaning
    c. clean
    d. cleaning
    Jawaban: b. is cleaning
  28. It ____________ very hard right now.
    a. rains
    b. is raining
    c. rain
    d. raining
    Jawaban: b. is raining
  29. While they ____________ a movie, the neighbors ____________ loudly.
    a. watch / sing
    b. are watching / are singing
    c. watches / sings
    d. watch / are singing
    Jawaban: b. are watching / are singing
  30. The cat ____________ on the windowsill right now.
    a. sits
    b. is sitting
    c. sit
    d. sitting
    Jawaban: b. is sitting
  31. She usually ____________ to music while she ____________ her homework.
    a. listens / does
    b. is listening / does
    c. listens / is doing
    d. listen / is doing
    Jawaban: a. listens / does
  32. My parents ____________ a new car next month.
    a. buy
    b. are buying
    c. buys
    d. is buying
    Jawaban: b. are buying
  33. We ____________ a meeting at the moment. Can we talk later?
    a. have
    b. are having
    c. has
    d. is having
    Jawaban: b. are having
  34. While I ____________ the dishes, my brother ____________ on the phone.
    a. wash / talks
    b. am washing / talks
    c. wash / is talking
    d. am washing / is talking
    Jawaban: c. wash / is talking
  35. What ____________ you ____________ this weekend?
    a. do / do
    b. are / doing
    c. does / do
    d. is / doing
    Jawaban: b. are / doing
  36. He ____________ to school by bike, but today he ____________ by bus.
    a. goes / goes
    b. go / go
    c. goes / is going
    d. go / is going
    Jawaban: c. goes / is going
  37. My friends and I ____________ a picnic in the park tomorrow.
    a. have
    b. has
    c. are having
    d. is having
    Jawaban: c. are having
  38. While she ____________ a book, her brother ____________ video games.
    a. reads / plays
    b. is reading / plays
    c. reads / is playing
    d. is reading / is playing
    Jawaban: c. reads / is playing
  39. The children ____________ in the pool right now.
    a. swim
    b. swims
    c. is swimming
    d. are swimming
    Jawaban: d. are swimming
  40. It ____________ very hot in here. Can we open the windows?
    a. is feeling
    b. feels
    c. feel
    d. feeling
    Jawaban: b. feels
  41. While he ____________ a cake, she ____________ the decorations for the party.
    a. bakes / is making
    b. is baking / makes
    c. bakes / makes
    d. is baking / is making
    Jawaban: a. bakes / is making
  42. They ____________ their homework in the library right now.
    a. do
    b. does
    c. are doing
    d. did
    Jawaban: c. are doing
  43. What ____________ you ____________ at the moment?
    a. do / do
    b. are / doing
    c. does / do
    d. is / doing
    Jawaban: b. are / doing
  44. He usually ____________ coffee in the morning, but today he ____________ tea.
    a. drinks / is drinking
    b. drinks / drinks
    c. drink / drink
    d. is drinking / drinks
    Jawaban: a. drinks / is drinking
  45. While I ____________ to the radio, she ____________ to her favorite podcast.
    a. listen / listens
    b. am listening / listens
    c. listen / is listening
    d. am listening / is listening
    Jawaban: d. am listening / is listening
  46. She ____________ on the project for two hours.
    a. works
    b. is working
    c. work
    d. working
    Jawaban: b. is working
  47. The baby ____________ in his crib all morning.
    a. sleeps
    b. sleeping
    c. sleep
    d. is sleeping
    Jawaban: a. sleeps
  48. It ____________ since yesterday afternoon.
    a. rains
    b. is raining
    c. rain
    d. has been raining
    Jawaban: d. has been raining
  49. I ____________ the movie already, so I don't want to watch it again.
    a. see
    b. sees
    c. am seeing
    d. have seen
    Jawaban: d. have seen
  50. While they ____________ the game, I ____________ my favorite book.
    a. watch / read
    b. are watching / am reading
    c. watches / read
    d. watch / am reading
    Jawaban: b. are watching / am reading