20 contoh soal pilihan ganda present continuous tense beserta jawabannya

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Berikut adalah 20 contoh soal pilihan ganda (multiple-choice) mengenai Present Continuous Tense beserta jawabannya:

  1. Where is Sarah?
    a. She working in the office.
    b. She works in the office.
    c. She is working in the office.
    d. She work in the office.
    Jawaban: c. She is working in the office.
  2. What _________ you doing right now?
    a. do
    b. are
    c. is
    d. am
    Jawaban: b. are
  3. I can't talk to you at the moment because I _________ a meeting.
    a. having
    b. am having
    c. have
    d. has
    Jawaban: b. am having
  4. They _____________ football in the park every weekend.
    a. play
    b. is playing
    c. are playing
    d. plays
    Jawaban: c. are playing
  5. Look! The kids ____________ a sandcastle on the beach.
    a. build
    b. is building
    c. are building
    d. builds
    Jawaban: c. are building
  6. What ____________ in the kitchen?
    a. do you do
    b. are you doing
    c. you do
    d. you doing
    Jawaban: b. are you doing
  7. She usually ____________ a book, but today she ____________ TV.
    a. reads / watches
    b. is reading / is watching
    c. read / is watching
    d. reads / is watching
    Jawaban: a. reads / watches
  8. My parents ____________ a new car this month.
    a. are buying
    b. buys
    c. buy
    d. is buying
    Jawaban: a. are buying
  9. We ____________ dinner when the phone rang.
    a. have
    b. having
    c. were having
    d. has
    Jawaban: c. were having
  10. Why ____________ you ____________ so loudly?
    a. do / talk
    b. are / talking
    c. is / talks
    d. did / talk
    Jawaban: b. are / talking
  11. He usually ____________ to work by car, but today he ____________ by train.
    a. goes / goes
    b. go / go
    c. goes / is going
    d. go / is going
    Jawaban: c. goes / is going
  12. My sister ____________ a new job next month.
    a. starting
    b. starts
    c. is starting
    d. start
    Jawaban: c. is starting
  13. What ____________ you ____________ about?
    a. do / talk
    b. are / talking
    c. does / talk
    d. is / talking
    Jawaban: b. are / talking
  14. I ____________ for my keys. Have you seen them?
    a. am looking
    b. looks
    c. look
    d. looking
    Jawaban: a. am looking
  15. The students ____________ a test right now.
    a. takes
    b. taking
    c. take
    d. are taking
    Jawaban: d. are taking
  16. He ____________ his homework every day after school.
    a. do
    b. doing
    c. does
    d. is doing
    Jawaban: c. does
  17. Listen! The birds ____________ in the trees.
    a. sings
    b. sing
    c. is singing
    d. are singing
    Jawaban: d. are singing
  18. I usually ____________ coffee in the morning, but today I ____________ tea.
    a. drink / am drinking
    b. drinks / drinks
    c. drink / drink
    d. drinks / am drinking
    Jawaban: a. drink / am drinking
  19. The children ____________ their homework in the living room right now.
    a. do
    b. does
    c. are doing
    d. did
    Jawaban: c. are doing
  20. What ____________ you ____________ this weekend?
    a. do / do
    b. are / doing
    c. does / do
    d. is / doing
    Jawaban: b. are / doing