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Subjunctive dan contoh kalimatnya dalam bentuk waktu future, present, dan past

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Subjunctive adalah bentuk kalimat pengandaian. Subjunctive/angan-angan digunakan untuk menyatakan serta untuk mengungkapkan harapan yang tidak dapat terpenuhi.



S¹ + wish + S² + could/would + V¹/be

Contoh :

  • I wish you would stop saying that.
    (saya berharap kamu akan berhenti mengatakan itu)
  • I wish she would come to my party to night
    (saya berharap dia akan dapat datang ke pesta saya minggu ini)



S¹ + wish + S² + V2/were

Contoh :

  • I wish you were old enough to marry me.
    (saya berharap sekarang ini umurmu cukup tua untuk menikahi saya)
  • They wish they didn’t have to go to school today.
    (mereka berharap sekarang ini mereka tidak harus pergi sekolah)



S¹ + wished + S² + had V3/could have V3

Contoh :

  • She wished she had had more time last night.
    (saya berharap tadi malam dia punya banyak waktu)
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Latihan soal subjunctives

Rina: “my parents wish they had a certificate of deposit”

Dea: “why?”

Rina: “the Intertest rate’s very high recently”

From the dialogue we can conclude that Rina’s parents .....
I can’t understand her request that I ____ ten bottles of chili sauce in our anniversary tomorrow.
I know you're having financial problems. But you keep it to your self. I wish you ____ to me about it now.
Tomorrow is your first day at work. It is extremely important that you ____ late.
If only I ..... my homework.
It is necessary that every student ____ a uniform.
The boss asks that you ____ early for your first day of work.
The government has given an order that citizens ____ to a safe zone before the volcano erupts.
Doctor Bill’s advice that Jim ____ is absolutely correct, but he’s just too stubborn to listen to anyone, even if he’s a doctor.
I wish someone answered my call. It's been ringing for about five minutes.
The underlined sentence means ____