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Subjunctive dan contoh kalimatnya dalam bentuk waktu future, present, dan past

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Subjunctive adalah bentuk kalimat pengandaian. Subjunctive/angan-angan digunakan untuk menyatakan serta untuk mengungkapkan harapan yang tidak dapat terpenuhi.



S¹ + wish + S² + could/would + V¹/be

Contoh :

  • I wish you would stop saying that.
    (saya berharap kamu akan berhenti mengatakan itu)
  • I wish she would come to my party to night
    (saya berharap dia akan dapat datang ke pesta saya minggu ini)



S¹ + wish + S² + V2/were

Contoh :

  • I wish you were old enough to marry me.
    (saya berharap sekarang ini umurmu cukup tua untuk menikahi saya)
  • They wish they didn’t have to go to school today.
    (mereka berharap sekarang ini mereka tidak harus pergi sekolah)



S¹ + wished + S² + had V3/could have V3

Contoh :

  • She wished she had had more time last night.
    (saya berharap tadi malam dia punya banyak waktu)
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Latihan soal subjunctives

If only I ..... in Bali.
Rina: “my parents wish they had a certificate of deposit”

Dea: “why?”

Rina: “the Intertest rate’s very high recently”

From the dialogue we can conclude that Rina’s parents .....
We know that they are having several problems. But they keep it to their sel. We wish they ..... to us about it now.
If only we knew the venue. The fact is .....
“Dinda, Donny are you going to see the doctor today?”
“we wish we did not have to.”
If only I ..... my homework.
If only it were not hot. The fact is .....
I wish somebody answered my call. The phone is been ringing for about Three minutes

The underlined sentence means .....
We wish ..... now to support her daughter.
If only ..... in the house, her husband would not angry.