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Perbedaan concrete noun dengan abstract noun dan contohnya

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Langsung saja, ini dia bedanya:

CONCRETE NOUN atau nomina konkrit adalah nama atau sebutan untuk nomina yang dapat dikenali melalui pengindra; hal-hal yang dapat dilihat, disentuh, dikecap, dicium aromanya, dan didengar.

Perhatikan contoh kata-kata yang digarisbawahi dalam kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini:

  • My dog just delivered five puppies.
  • The thief tried to steal my wallet.
  • It’s difficult to make new friends when you’re an adult
  • You put too much cream on your waffle.
  • Would someone answer the doorbell, please?
  • There are a lot of dust under the bed.
  • The professor wants us to write two papers about macro and micro economy.

ABSTRACT NOUN atau nomina abstrak adalah nama atau sebutan untuk nomina yang merupakan konsep, gagasan, kualitas; hal-hal yang tidak dapat dikenali oleh pengindra namun dapat dipikir atau dirasakan.Perhatikan contoh kata-kata yang digarisbawahi dalam kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini:

  • Some people can’t find satisfaction in their jobs anymore after some years
  • May your Christmas filled with much happiness.
  • I don’t have the confidence to apply for that job.
  • Mom needs some help to arrange dad’s birthday party.
  • A hotel should provide great hospitality for its guests.
  • I can’t stress the importance of breakfast enough to start our day with.
  • Stupidity knows no bound.
  • Karl Marx’s ideas of communism, capitalism, and socialism are still very much talked to this day.

Untuk lebih mudah mengenali abstract nouns, kebanyakan nomina ini diakhiri dengan sufiks/akhiran seperti:

tionCompensation SatisfactionEducationRecreation
ismRacism CommunismSocialismJudaism
ityStupidity GenerosityHospitalityChristianity
mentEntertainment EnjoymentArrangement
nessKindness HappinessAttractivenessOpenness
ageCourage AlienageAverage
ance/enceViolence ExperienceConfidenceIgnoranceIntelligencePatience
shipFriendship CourtshipCompanionshipScholarshipRelationship
abilityComfortability CompatibilityElectabilityObservability
acyIntimacy DelicacyCuracy

Dan tentunya masih banyak lagi. Kini cobalah untuk membedakan mana nomina yang konkrit dan abstrak dari kalimat-kalimat di bawah ini.

  • Mom tried to teach her children about kindness, love, friendship, and the importance of being earnest.
  • Andi’s father has remorse about being a deadbeat father.
  • When I said to my sister she could have all my toys that I haven’t played with anymore, her eyes filled with disbelief and joy.
  • I read the newspaper this morning and felt like the world is so full of hatred and violence.
  • The slaves fought a long and hard battle in search of freedom.
  • The idea of socialism is that government should be able to pass the richeswealth to the poors through taxation so the money could benefit both sides of
  • My parents are involved in so many charities. People say their generosity is contagious.
  • Education is the most important thing everybody should have, but not everybody has access and money to it.
  • As an only child, I often make up my own entertainment and having fun all by myself.
  • We can’t imagine the courage she took to admit that horrible experience.
  • Bella doesn’t get the scholarship and it crushes her hopes to get into college.
  • I am left speechless by her openness about her personal life.

Latihan soal nouns

How many ____ do you have?
After three hours the rain stopped.
Stamped kitchen ____ are usually cheaper than forged kitchen ____
I love to visit both public and academic ____
If you have other email ____, please indicate them.
He asked a slice of ____.
There are not any ____ in gulf.
Her ____ house is down the street.
____ and flowers may brighten up your living room.
____ are good for children.