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Penggunaan article "the" dengan kombinasi adjective (kata sifat) pada descriptive adjective

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Article "the" dapat kombinasikan dengan adjective (kata sifat) untuk menunjukkan pada sesorang yang memiliki sifat tersebut atau sifat itu melekat pada seseorang itu. Adjective di sini merupakan kelompok descriptive adjective yaitu kata sifat yang menggambarkan keadaan sesoerang, binatang, tumbuhan, atau benda.

Contoh [the + adjective] seperti:

  • the poor
  • the rich
  • the young
  • the old
  • the unemployed
  • the dead
  • the blind
  • the big
  • the small


Contoh penggunaannya pada kalimat:

  • Do you think the rich should pay more taxes? (Apakah menurut kamu orang kaya harus membayar pajak lebih?)
  • The man over there is collecting money for the blind. (Seorang pria di seberang sana mengumpulkan uang untuk orang buta)
  • Why doesn't the government do more to help the unemployed? (Mengapa pemerintah tidak melakukan lebih untuk membantu orang pengangguran?)
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Latihan soal adjectives

It is important to write a ____ cover letter for a job resume.
They all can speak English ____
How do you write so ____ ?
I want to be a ____ grammarian.
The service was ____
I think they are ____ mechanical engineers.
I want to know how to do ____ on exams.
You plants will grow ____ in spring and fall.
He run the company very ____
She looked really ____ without make up.


Latihan soal articles

That's ____ interesting job!
Take your feet off ____ table, please!
I am worried about ____ health of my grandfather. He goes to the doctor every week.
____ White House announced that ____ president of ____ United States had reshuffled his cabinet members.
Do you like ____ beer? - No, I don't drink any alcohol.
Don't drink ____ water out of that tap. It's orange!
My father is a teacher at ____ gajah Mada University.
Do you believe in ____ ghosts?
In other things ____ boys are better than girls.
Fo you have ____ water to drink?