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Pengertian particle dalam grammar bahasa Inggris dan contohnya

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Pernah dengar particle (partikel)? Bukan partikel dalam pelajaran kimia ya, tapi particle dalam grammar bahasa Inggris 🙂

Apa itu particle?

Particle adalah suatu kata atau bagian kata yang secara gramatikal memiliki fungsi/tujuan tapi ia sendiri sedikit atau bahkan tidak punya arti.

Langsung saja kita lihat contohnya:

  • His father is his model. He is the person he looks up to.
  • She didn't understand the word. So she looked it up in her dictionary.
  • Mary made up a really entertaining story.
  • The children are growing up.
  • He often comes out with the wrong particle.
  • He called to his family and call off the wedding.
  • She will pass on colour blindness to all of her sons if this is the case.
  • She will identify your risk factors and rule out other causes of your symptoms.

Pada kata yang saya bold, itulah yang disebut particle.

Preposisi seperti "to" dapat berperan sebagai particle jika dipasangkan dengan "fly" menjadi "to fly". Bahkan kata seru (interjection) seperti "oh" dan "wow" dapat juga bertindak sebagai particle. Particle sering muncul pada phrasal verb. Contoh phrasal verbs seperti:

  • call off (membatalkan)
  • let up (mengurangi)
  • pass on (meneruskan)
  • rule out (mengesampingkan/menyingkirkan)
  • throw up (muntahan)
  • grow up (berkembang/tumbuh dewasa)

Sekian dan terima kasih 🙂

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If you do that again, I'll send you to ____ principal.
Are you sure this chair is made of ____ plastic? It looks like wood.
Don't drink ____ water out of that tap. It's orange!
Don't play in my classroom. Go to ____ sports hall.
A very good way to improve your English is to read ____ books.
____ moon and ____ sky are above us.
I know ____ girl who won the snowboarding competition. She's in my grade 9 math class.
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