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Pengertian linking verb dan macamnya

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Untuk memberi penjelasan pada suatu kata benda, kita sering mempergunakan kata kerja tertentu, yakni linking verb. Linking verb, dengan kata lain, adalah kata kerja yang merangkai kata benda dengan kata-kata yang menjelaskannya.

Yang sering bertindak sebagai linking verb antara lain:

  1. be (is, am, are, was, were, been),
  2. get,
  3. become,
  4. turn,
  5. go,
  6. fall,
  7. grow
  8. kata kerja indrawi: smell, taste, feel, look, appear, sound, seem.
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Latihan soal linking verbs

He was one of the best participants in the group.
Hadi passed the exam. He looked ____.
The beggar wants a drink. She looks ____.
The driver bumped his car into a tree. He appeared ____.
I wish he were here.
Roni is on the mountain. He is wearing athick cloth. He feels ____.
He looked up the term in the French dictionary.
She tasted the green tea egg tart.
One of Susi’s cats has just died.
Your white shirts turned yellow because you used too much bleach.