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Pengertian kalimat compound complex dan contohnya

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Apa itu kalimat compound complex dan bagaimana contohnya?

Kalimat compound complex adalah kalimat yang terbentuk dari kombinasi antara kalimat compound dan kalimat complex. Pada kalimat ini terdapat kombinasi antara penggunaan relative conjunctions yaitu "who", "that", "which", "where", "when", "why", "how", dengan kata penghubung (conjunction) lainnya seperti "as", "because", "besides", "if", "although", dan sebagainya.

Berikut ini adalah contoh kalimat compound complex:

  • Kuta is very famous and has become the center of an urban area that merges into the neighboring towns. 
  • Kuta is known internationally because it has long sandy beach.
  • As it was once a fishing village, it was one of the first towns in Bali to be developed as a tourist spot.
  • Legian Town, which is to the north, is the commercial hub of Kuta and it is the center of many restaurants and entertainment spots.
  • Many good restaurants and big hotels where many visitors can stay comfortably are located in the southern section of Tuban.
  • Legian and Seminyak are located along Jl. Legian and Jl. Basangkasa, which is exactly the northern extensions of Kuta.
  • They have nice weather and have several quieter villages which offer cottage-style accomodations, where many of the emigrated designers and tourists live.