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Pengertian correlative conjunction dan contohnya

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Apa itu correlative conjunction?

Correlative conjunction adalah kata yang menggabungkan dua kata, frasa, atau klausa lainnya.

Correlative conjunctions sering disebut juga paired conjunctions karena bentuknya yang berpasangan. Contoh kata-kata correlative conjunction adalah:

  • Both…and…

Both my grandfather and my grandmother were war survivors.

  • Either…or…

Either you go out of this room, or I call the police.

  • Neither…nor…

I have neither visited Australia nor America.

Neither Harry saw the perpetrator, nor did he know what the perpetrator had done.

Jika neither…nor… digunakan untuk menghubungkan 2 kalimat independent, maka susunan kalimat yang kedua mengalami pembalikan. Seperti contoh di atas, jadi bukan “nor he knew” tapi “nor did he know”.

  • Not…but…

It’s not luck but persistence that made him rich.

  • Not only…but also…

He is not only the smartest but also the richest student in that school.

  • Whether…or…

It doesn’t matter whether you say yes or no. We already made the decision.

  • As…as…

Her face is as pretty as Miss Universe.

  • As much…as…

You are as much annoying as he is.

  • Just as…so…

Just as England has a Queen, so Yogyakarta has a King.

  • The…the…

The more you read English books, the more vocabularies you will learn.

The less you speak, the faster you will finish the task.

  • No sooner…than…

No sooner did Miranda think about her husband than he calls her.

No sooner…than…menggambarkan dua peristiwa yang terjadi berurutan hanya dalam waktu singkat. Peristiwa pertama ditaruh setelah “no sooner” dengan susunan kalimatnya mengalami inversi atau pembalikan, sedangkan peristiwa kedua ditaruh setelah “than” dengan susunan kalimat normal. Contoh di atas kalau diterjemahkan yaitu “Tidak lama setelah Miranda memikirkan suaminya, suaminya menelpon Miranda.”

  • Rather…than…

I would rather go by train than by bus.

Latihan soal conjunctions

____ I had planned everything carefully, a lot of things went wrong.
____ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
____ not having eaten for three days, I am not starving.
Setiawan decided to give up his job ____ I advised him not to.
____ being very tired, we carried on walking.
We lost all the match ____ we were the dreaming team.
I couldn’t sleep ____ I was tired.
The heating was full on, but ____ this the house was still cold.
____ all my careful plans, a lot of things went wrong.
I love music ____ I can’t play any musical instrument.