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Membuat kalimat pengandaian dengan kata "wish"

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Pengandaian dengan kata wish memiliki arti berangan-angan, bermimpi, berharap tentang sesuatu di masa kini dan masa depan. Pengandaian pasti berbeda dengan kondisi nyatanya. Kata wish dapat digunakan untuk kalimat pengandaian di masa kini dan masa lampau.

Berikut ini contohnya:

Keadaan nyata masa kiniPengandaian
I don't know how to dance
I don't have a computer
Jimmy has to work tonight
I can't speak Chinese
It's cold today
I'm not at home in bed
We aren't in Jakarta
I wish (that) i knew how to dance
I wish I had a computer
Rony wished he did'nt have to work tonight.
I wish I could speak Chinese
I wish it weren't cold today
I wish I were home in bed
We wish we were in jakarta
Keadaan masa lampauPengandaian
I didn't study for the test
Budi didn't finish his job
I went to the meeting
I wish (that) I had studied for the test
Budi wishes he had finished his work
I wish I hadn't gone to the meeting

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Thank you so much


Latihan soal conditional sentences

If we miss the bus ____.
What will happen if ____?
____ if you don’t have any money?
Will you excuse me if I ____ late?
We’ll for a picnic ____.
If it doesn’t rain ____ for a walk.
My father will not be angry if ____.
I won’t lose my glasses unless ____ them in the class room.
I’m going out now. If anybody ____ while I ____ out, can you take a message?
The plants will grow well ____.