Apa saja question word dalam bahasa Inggris?

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Apa itu question word?

So, what is a "question word"? Question word = kata tanya, seperti kata "what". Ada 9 "question word" utama dalam Bahasa Inggris.

1) When. Arti: kapan (bertanya tentang waktu). e.g. "When is she coming?" Answer: Tomorrow. "When did you go?" Answer: Last night.

2) Where. Arti: di mana (bertanya tentang tempat). e.g. "Where is it?" Answer: Here. "Where will you go?" Answer: Makassar.

3) Why. Arti: kenapa/mengapa (bertanya tentang alasan). e.g. "Why did you leave?" Answer: I was bored. "Why is he late?" Answer: Traffic jam.

4) How. Arti: bagaimana. Secara umum "how" digunakan untuk bertanya tentang bagaimana sesuatu itu dilakukan. "how" juga bisa diikuti kata tambahan.

  • a) How. e.g. "How did the test?" Answer: Easy. "How would you like your steak?" Answer: Well done.
  • b) How much/How many. Arti: bertanya tentang harga/jumlah. e.g. "How much is this?" Answer: Rp 50,000. "How many people came?" Answer: Ten.
  • c) How + adjective (kata sifat). e.g. "How old are you?" Answer: Twenty. "How hot is it?" Answer: 30 degrees C.
  • d) How + adverb (kata keterangan). e.g. "How long have you been here?" Answer: Two weeks. "How often do you play?" Answer: Once a week.

5) Who. Arti: siapa (jika jawabannya = subject). e.g. "Who wants some drinks?" Answer: I do. "Who came last night?" Answer: My friend. Who biasanya diikuti oleh verb (kata kerja) bentuk singular/tunggal walaupun bertanya tentang lebih dari satu org. e.g. "Who wants.."

6) Whom. Arti: siapa (jika jawabannya = object). e.g. "Whom did you see?" Answer: I saw Andy. "Whom is he looking for?" Answer: His niece. Whom hanya digunakan dalam pertanyaan formal. Jarang digunakan dalam Bahasa Inggris lisan; lebih sering digantikan dengan "who".

7) Whose. Arti: kepunyaan siapa (bertanya tentang kepunyaan). e.g. "Whose book is this?" Answer: Mine. "Whose car did you see?" Answer: Sam's.

8) What. Arti: apa.

  • a) What bisa digunakan sebagai subject dari pertanyaan. e.g. "What happened?" Answer: An accident.
  • b) What bisa juga digunakan sebagai object dari pertanyaan. e.g. "What did you see?" Answer: Nothing. "What will she buy?" Answer: A gift.
  • c) What kind of. Arti: menanyakan jenis dari suatu hal secara khusus. e.g. "What kind of fabric do you need?" Answer: Cotton.
  • d) What + bentuk "do"; digunakan untuk menanyakan aktivitas. e.g. "What will you do tonight?" Answer: Stay at home.
  • e) What bisa diikuti oleh noun (kata benda). e.g. "What time did you sleep?" Answer: 11 PM. "What color is her hair?" Answer: Red.
  • f) What + be like. Arti: menanyakan deskripsi umum suatu hal/seseorang. e.g. "What is he like?" Answer: Handsome and friendly.
  • g) What + look like. Arti: menanyakan deskripsi fisik. e.g. "What does the dress look like?" Answer: Pink and made of satin.

9) Which. Arti: yang mana (digunakan ketika kita ingin menanyakan yang mana yang dipilih di antara 2 pilihan yang jelas). e.g. There are 2 shirts. "Which one do you want?"/"Which shirt do you want?" Answer: The blue one. Dalam beberapa kasus, which & what bisa digunakan secara bergantian jika diikuti oleh noun. e.g. "Which/What cities did you visit?"

Semoga bermanfaat.