Kosakata nama anggota keluarga, kerabat, dan teman bahasa Inggris

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Berikut ini vocabulary seputar nama-nama anggota keluarga, kerabat, dan teman dalam bahasa Inggris. Pastikan Anda menghafalnya ya 🙂

Immediate Family (Keluarga Inti)

Parents: Orang tua

Mother: Ibu

Father: Ayah

Husband: Suami

Wife: Istri

Son: Anak laki-laki

Daughter: Anak perempuan

Siblings: Saudara

Brother: Saudara laki-laki

Sister: Saudara perempuan

Extended Family (Kerabat)

Grandmother: Nenek

Grandfather: Kakek

Aunt: Bibi

Uncle: Paman

Niece: Keponakan perempuan

Nephew: Keponakan laki-laki

Cousins: Sepupu

Friend and Other Loved Ones

Best friend: Teman terdekat/sahabat

Room-mate: Teman sekamar

Neighbor/Neighbour: Tetangga

Co-worker: Teman kerja/rekan kerja

Boyfriend: Pacar (laki-laki)

Girlfriend: Pacar (perempuan)

Fiancee: Tunangan

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Latihan soal vocabularies

He has ____ it with warm water.
I ____ overwhelmed by stress.
The students duty is to ..... in the school.
Can you see the ____ trees behind the lake?
My mother is a nurse. She works at Harapan Bunda Hospital. She ..... the patients.
She is a very ____ child for her age.
A ____ rate of inflation makes exports uncompetitive.
Lani : I want to wear my white gown to Amanda’s party. What do you think?
Dewi : I think the red one is better.
Lani : Ok. I will ..... the red gown
Albert Eintsein was a ____ physicist.
Teguh : This fried chicken is my favorite.
Hilda : I like it too. This fried chicken is very .....