Kosakata bahasa Inggris tentang model dan gaya rambut

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Apa saja istilah tentang model dan gaya rambut dalam bahasa Inggris?

Berikut adalah koleksi kosakata atau vocabulary bahasa Inggris tentang macam-macam model dan gaya rambut:

  • Straight Hair (rambut lurus)
  • Curly Hair (Rambut Keriting)
  • Wavy Hair (Rambut Ikal)
  • A Crew Cut (rambut cepak)
  • Receding Hair (Rambut Setengan Botak)
  • Bald (botak / gundul)
  • Fair Hair (Rambut Pirang)
  • Dark Hair (Rambut Hitam)
  • Red Hair (Rambut Pirang Merah)
  • Ginger Hair (Rambut Oranye)
  • Bangs (Rambut Poni)
  • Pigtail (Rambut Kucir)
  • Kinky Hair (Rambut keriting kusut)
  • Auburn Hair (Rambut Pirang Warna-Warni)
  • Short Hair (Rambut Pendek)
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Latihan soal vocabularies

Sugar is ..... but honey is sweeter than sugar.
You can ____ your book to Steve.
I was there when the car ____ into the sinkhole.
She is a very ____ child for her age.
Grant is a tailor. He makes .....
My stomach felt ____ without eating.
He has ____ it with warm water.
These are ____ who have a legal disability.
Should I ____ him my football?
Why do students ____ so much money from their parents?