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Contoh percakapan wawancara kerja bahasa Inggris dan artinya

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris tentang wawancara kerja (job interview)?

Berikut adalah contoh dialog wawancara kerja bahasa Inggris beserta artinya.

  • Miss Firda: Have a sit please. Good afternoon.
  • Ani: Good afternoon Miss.
  • Miss Firda: How are you today?
  • Ani: Fine
  • Miss Firda: Are you ready to have a question?
  • Ani: Yes, of course.
  • Miss Firda: Okey, now for the first question. Could you tell me about your self?
  • Ani: My name is Ani, I graduated from University of Indonesia with bachelor degree English Literature.
  • Miss Firda: Why do you want to work in our company?
  • Ani: Because I’am sure that if I can get in to your company, your company can lead me into my career goals.
  • Miss Firda: Okay, and then now talking about your ability. Do you have a lot of strengt I mean, could you tell me about it?
  • Ani: Akay, I think I got skill in writing since is my passion and I can identify other writing easier.
  • Miss Firda: How about your weakness?
  • Ani: My weakness is sometimes I get bored and saturaded easy, so if I get in thi point I will need day off to re my spirit.
  • Miss Firda: Oh I see, it’s sound good. And then now I want ask you about what are your carrier goals?
  • Ani: My carrier goals are to be a well known journalist in journalistik world and I want to make my own publishing home.
  • Miss Firda: Okay. Then how long do you expect to work in our company if we hire you?
  • Ani: I wanna to be aroun 3 unti 4 years.
  • Miss Firda: Next question. Talking about salary what kint of sakary do you want?
  • Ani: Based on my skills I want to fee 8 millions rupiah for a month. If you see that my ability can give a lot benefit to your company I want to raise that.
  • Miss Firda: I see. . . Okay, the last question for you. Why should we hire you?
  • Ani: Because I have a lot experience more than others applicant and I can make sure that if you hire me your company will ten step forward than the others.
  • Miss Firda: Woo, I hope so you can getting to our company and welcome with us. Thank you so much for this day Ms Ani, just wait for the announcement. Nice to meet you.
  • Ani: Thank you, nice to meet you too. Good afternoon.
  • Miss Firda: Good Afternoon.