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Contoh percakapan & dialog menanyakan waktu (expression of asking for the time) bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan & dialog menanyakan waktu (expression of asking for the time) bahasa Inggris?

Expression of asking for the time merupakan ekpresi yang bertujuan untuk menanyakan waktu kepada orang lain. Berikut ini contoh percakapan dan dialognya:

Conversation 1

  • Rina : Oh, no! I forgot to bring my watch. I wonder what time it is now. Um… excuse me, Sir. Do you know what time it is now?
  • Jono : Well, it’s almost 2 PM
  • Rina : I’m sorry, do you have the correct time?
  • Jono : Yes, but I guess my watch is a few minutes faster
  • Rina : Oh, very well. Thank you, Sir
  • Jono : No problem

Conversation 2

  • Doel : Ah, I think the day is getting darker. Have you got the time?
  • Hans : Well… it’s a half past five.
  • Doel : Wow, playing with skateboard is so much fun. It’s going to be nightfall
  • Hans : Yes, I think we should leave from here. Hey, by the way are you hungry?
  • Doel : Yes, I am starving. I’d love to eat that delicious burger from Lezat Burger stall. What time does the stall open?
  • Hans : It has opened from 4 PM. Okay, let’s stop by the stall.
  • Doel : Great!

Conversation 3

  • Rendi : Wow, they said Transformer 4 will be on cinema soon. When does exactly the movie come to the cinema?
  • Koko : Yes, I saw that from internet. It said that it is going to be on cinema on June.
  • Rendi : Ah, that’s too bad. It’s still March. It will be a long-wait
  • Koko : Yeah