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Contoh percakapan & dialog menanyakan nama (asking about names) bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan & dialog menanyakan nama (asking about names) bahasa Inggris?

Menanyakan nama seseorang atau asking about names mungkin kelihatan simple tetapi dengan pertanyaan yang baik bisa jadi akan mendapatkan jawaban yang baik. Terlebih lagi jika menanyakan nama seseorang dalam suasana formal tentu perlu tahu cara menanyakan nama seseorang dalam bahasa Inggris dengan baik. Berikut ini contohnya:

Conversation 1

  • Police : Hello, little kid. What is your name? Where are your parents?
  • Kid : My name is Billy. That is my mother. She is buying something at the grocery
  • Police : Very well, smart kid. Don’t go too far from your mother.

Conversation 2

  • Man 1 : Wow, you are really good at playing with skateboard!
  • Man 2 : Yeah, I train my skill here a lot. Do you play with skateboard too?
  • Man 1 : Yes, but I am not as good as you
  • Man 2 : Well, thank you. By the way, what should I call you?
  • Man 1 : Oh, it’s Ganiar
  • Man 2 : And I am Rudi. Do you come here a lot?
  • Man 1 : Not really. This is my second time to be here. I came here with my friend. He is the one who comes here a lot.
  • Man 2 : Oh, really? What’s his name?
  • Man1 : His name is Terry
  • Man 2 : Oh, it’s Terry. Well, let’s try out your skill if you don’t mind. Um… what was your name again?
  • Man 1 : It’s Ganiar.
  • Man 2 : Well, alright Ganiar. Let’s play!