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Contoh percakapan & dialog meminta maaf (expression of apologizing) bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan & dialog meminta maaf (expression of apologizing) bahasa Inggris?

Expression of apologizing adalah suatu ekspresi menyampaikan ungkapan permintaan maaf. Berikut adalah contoh percakapan dan dialognya:

(Inside the classroom)

  • Pandu : Hey, Robi. Where is Ratna?
  • Robi : Ratna? I think she is meeting her friend at another class
  • Pandu : Is that her lunch box on her desk?
  • Robi : I think so, what’s wrong with her lunch box?
  • Pandu : I have a good idea, let’s play a prank on her!
  • Gisel : Guys, I’m sorry for interrupting your talk. Can I ask what time it is now? When will the break time end?
  • Robi : It’s 1.15 PM. I think we will have another class in 30 minutes.
  • Gisel : Alright, thanks Robi.
  • Robi : No problem.
  • Robi : Well, what is your idea, Pandu?
  • Pandu : I’m going to hide her lunch box and she will really be in panic when seeing her lunch box is missing. And that is going to be so funny. So, do you come with me, Robi?
  • Robi : Um… I am sorry, I think I’ll pass. I forget doing my math homework. I have to finish it now before math class starts.
  • Pandu : Oh, okay, that’s too bad. I’ll do it by myself then.
  • Robi : Well, good luck then.
  • Pandu : (Pandu immediately grabs Ratna’s lunch box and goes out of the class but suddenly he bumps into a teacher outside the class)
  • Mr. Eko : Pardon me, what makes you so in a rush, Pandu?
  • Pandu : Oh! Mr. Eko! I’m terribly sorry, Sir! I was going to give this lunch box to my friend. I’m really sorry, Sir.
  • Mr. Eko : That’s alright, Pandu. Please be careful on your way.
  • Pandu : Thank you, Sir.
  • Ratna : Pandu? What are going to do with that lunch box?
  • Pandu : Huh?…… Oh! Ratna! I didn’t notice you! (Pandu gets startled seeing Ratna stand before him all of a sudden)
  • Ratna : Yes?
  • Pandu : Oh… I think I’m busted. Actually, I was going to play a prank on you by hiding your lunch box. I am very sorry, Ratna.
  • Ratna : What? Oh my, I think I came in the right time.
  • Pandu : Please, forgive me Ratna. I was only planning on playing a prank on you.
  • Ratna : Well, Forget it. Just don’t let this happen again
  • Pandu : Alright. Thank you, Ratna!
  • Ratna : For you information, that’s not my lunch box.
  • Pandu : What?!