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Contoh percakapan & dialog ekpresi mengucapkan terima kasih (expression of thanking) bahasa Inggris

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Bagaimana contoh percakapan & dialog ekpresi mengucapkan terima kasih (expression of thanking) bahasa Inggris?

Berikut ini contoh percakapan dan dialog bertemakan expression of thanking (ekspresi terima kasih) dalam bahasa Inggris:

(At Lily’s house)

  • Lily’s mother : Lily! Are you ready for school? I have prepared pancakes for your breakfast!
  • Lily : Yes, Mom! I will be there in a minute. I’m preparing my note books.
  • Lily’s mother : Alright, honey!
    (Lily coming down from her bedroom to have breakfast)
  • Lily : Thank you for waking me up this morning, Mom. I slept late last night doing my homework
  • Lily’s mother : No problem, Dear. I will always assure that you won’t wake up late every morning.
    (After finishing her breakfast)
  • Lily : Well, Mom. The pancakes are so delicious. I have finished my breakfast. Thank God for the foods. Thanks Mom for making pancakes for breakfast. I have to go to school a little early, Mom. I should get going now. Good bye, Mom. I love you.
  • Lily’s mother : Alright, Dear. Good bye. Love you too
    (At Lily’s way to school)
  • Lily : What are you doing Mr. Jarwo? Are you looking for something down there?
  • Mr. Jarwo : Oh, Lily! Well… yes, my Dear. I lost my ring. I was holding it but it suddenly slipped off my hand.
  • Lily : Do you mind if I help you to look for it?
  • Mr. Jarwo : Is it okay, Dear?
  • Lily : It is okay, Mr. Jarwo. Let’s start from where you dropped it off.
  • Mr. Jarwo : Oh, thank you very much, Dear. That’s a very kind of you.
    (After several minutes)
  • Lily : Mr. Jarwo! I think I found your ring. Here, it was under the rock.
  • Mr. Jarwo : Oh, my Lord! I didn’t see it!
  • Lily : Thank God we found it.
  • Mr. Jarwo : Oh, my sweet Lily. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your help
  • Lily : Don’t mention it, Mr. Jarwo. It has been our job to help each other. Very well, Mr. Jarwo. I have to go. Goodbye!
  • Mr. Jarwo : Oh, wait up! I have something for you in return.
  • Lily : You don’t have to give me anything, Mr. Jarwo
  • Mr. Jarwo : I have a pretty ribbon, but I don’t have any idea what I should do with this ribbon. So, you might like it.
  • Lily : Wow, that is a pretty ribbon!
  • Mr. Jarwo : Here, you can have it.
  • Lily : Is it okay? Oh, it’s so lovely. Thank you so much Mr. Jarwo.
  • Mr. Jarwo : My pleasure
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