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Contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "memilih menu makanan di restoran"

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Tanya pertanyaan apapun


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Bagaimana contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris "memilih menu makanan di restoran"?

Berikut ini percakapan bahasa Inggris 4 (empat) orang tentang memilih menu makanan di restoran:

Feri : Whoa, this restaurant is quite wide. What is the name of this place, anyway? I forgot.

Claudia : It’s Restoran Sunda Kang Asep.

Jefri : How many times have you come to eat at this restaurant, Claudia? I suppose this is Feri’s and my first time to eat here.

Feri : Yeah, I hope the foods served here will not disappoint my tongue heehee.

Claudia : They won’t, Feri. Everything here is luscious. Umm.. I think this is my third time to eat at this restaurant. The first and the second ones I came here together with my family.

Jefri : Alright, let’s find out what we can have from the menu.

Feri : Whoa, the foods on the menu look traditional.

Claudia : Of course, Feri. Do you forget that we’re eating at traditional Sundanese restaurant?

Feri : Hahaha, oh yeah, I forget that again.

Jefri : Okay, I have decided. I’m ordering a Grilled Chiken and Rice with Honey Sauce and Orange Juice for the drink. Yum.. yum… it looks delicate.

Claudia : I’ll have a Special Grilled Chiken and Rice with Cappuccino Ice Coffee. And you, Feri?

Feri : Alright, I order a Grilled Chicken and Rice with Sweet Peanut Sauce with Soursop Fruit Juice.

Claudia : Okay, I’ll get the waiter. Um, excuse me, we have decided the orders.

Waitress: Oh, very well. I’ll get the orders and prepare the bill.

(After preparing the bill)

Waitress: Here is your bill. You can pay for the bill before the foods are served.

Claudia : Alright, here is for everything.

Waitress: Thank you very much. I’ll be back with your orders. Please, make yourselves comfortable.

Claudia : Okay, thank you.

Feri : Thank you, Miss Waitress.

Jefri : Thank you.

Feri : Whoa, that waitress is pretty.

Jefri : I think so, Jef.

Claudia : Don’t talk too loud, Guys. She might hear you.

[After few minutes]

Waitress: Here are your orders. Enjoy the meals.

Claudia : Thank you.

Feri : Hey, should we give her some tips?

Jefri : Don’t be funny, Jef. We’re not eating at the five-star restaurant.

Feri : Haha, alright, I’m joking around.

[After finishing the meals]

Feri : Whoa, you’re right, Claudia! The food was delicious. The peanut sauce was different from any peanut sauce I’ve tasted.

Jefri : So was mine. The honey sauce was a perfect combination for the grilled chicken.

Claudia : See, I told you that this place is quite recommended. Let’s have some of those foods again here sometimes.


  • Disappoint: mengecewakan
  • Luscious: Enak, lezat
  • Sundanese: Sunda
  • Delicate: Enak
  • Peanut Sauce: saus kacang
  • Soursop fruit: Buah sirsak
  • Grilled Chicken: Ayam Panggang
  • Bill: Tagihan bayaran
  • Pay for: membayar
  • (to be) served: disajikan
  • Here is for everything: (bermakna) ini uangnya untuk membayar semua makanannya / masakannya
  • Tips: uang tip
  • Joking around: bercanda
  • Taste: merasakan/ mencicipi
  • Recommended: Direkomendasikan